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: Masters reincarnations & Cycles

Jun 15, 1998 05:58 PM
by Sophia TenBroeck

Darren wrote  : --

">What motivation would the masters have? Are they subject to their
desires?  Wouldn't they get bored being immortal? Or do they voluntarily
undergo memory wiping before re-incarnation? If they do maintain
consciousness through the process of re-birth, will they be an adult in
a baby's body?"

Read the biography of the Dalai Lama "My People My Country," in which he
describes partly his own childhood, and his recognition as a
reincarnation of the former Dalai Lama, for some hints.  An interesting
aspect of his life is that even though recognised as a former Dalai Lama
and while already being install as the current Dalai Lama, he spent
years of his boyhood and youth, studying under the various Tibetan
scholars of the different schools of Tibetan Buddhism, he had to gather
back into the present brain-mind body the knowledge and wisdom of the
whole of the tradition, he had to prove himself to his teachers and the
whole of Tibetan hierarchy of his competence, dedication to master the
doctrine, and the ability to control the psychic forces.  He had to
undergo Initiations into all the schools, and in his turn becoming an
Initiator.  This too, while holding office of the Highest (the Panchen
Lama, being the only other of his stature) and yet showing REVERENCE to
the teachers who instructed him in this life.

And again Darren writes : --

"As do the>Mayan calender system ,which incidentally ends on Dec 22,
2012. Some people>think that this may be the eschaton. I think humanity
willcollectively>ascend on that date, due to some mass extinction, pole
shift, comet, >nuclear war. But there will be survivors and they should
be the 6th root>race, or the precursors at least. I'm not sure how this
date fits in with>HPB's time cycles given in the SD. But as she says
herself the most>accurate cycle recordings are not given out to laity"

Here I offer only an OPINION.  Whether it is Cayce, Nostradamus, the
Mayan calendar systems, or the references given out by HPB. Do we by any
chance try to place these within our life time, or close to it?  We are
dealing with cycles that revolve over very long periods of time  Some
where I very clearly remember reading HPB saying that Europe  "..had a
reprieve"  for about another ll,000 or 15,000 years.  I have spent quite
a good deal of time trying to locate this to quote, and have temporarily
given up.  Writing this, without a reference.  Those who are better
suited to look this up may kindly do so.   Please.

As to the  axis to  matter.  HPB speaks of both tilting and turning
over-and Geology seems to have verified this to some extent.  Once the
days and nights were of equal duration the world over when the axis was
vertical.  Gradually and the rate Brenda has mentioned it tilts away.
And studied I did years ago gave me the impression that when it reaches
the 30 degree mark, there will be the reversal.   Like the top which
warbles as it spins, as its rate of revolution winds down, and at a
certain point, it falls over. Our earth warbling is now accepted, the
movements of the magnetic north.   Just suggestion for those working on
the problem. 		Fraternally,                 Sophia

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