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"Real Evidence"

Jun 15, 1998 07:23 PM
by Brenda S Tucker


Have you ever read a book by Dora Van Gelder called THE REAL WORLD OF
FAIRIES?  She writes of her experiences with the nature spirits present in
the trees and I was very impressed when I read the book with the uniqueness
of her descriptions and her experiences. These were fantastic trees and I
would take a look at this book, if you can find it somewhere.

Also, I think my favorite tree is the tree from the Garden of Eden because
even though this mythical tree is mostly looked upon as a "past" experience
symbolically for mankind, I wonder if there isn't some "future" role for a
tree such as this.  Do trees hold an important secret which secret once we
stumble upon and are able to reveal, we can return to the Garden?  I don't
know.  What is the purpose of God's command not to eat of its fruit?  To me
(with my recent light into seven races and dinosaur evolutions), it
suggests that we don't really ever have contact with the plant kingdom (or
at least not until the end of a round when the kingdoms meet on the seventh

Perhaps, if ascended masters are no longer confined to living on a single
globe within our chain, their presence here means we, too, may accompany
them to destinations which otherwise we wouldn't be permitted to witness
and through their activities can attempt contact with other kingdoms of
nature as they are currently present on other globes in our chain.  This
would be experience that I would value because as a human being we don't
seem to have gained access to globes other than our own, but with their
advanced influence and assistance, it might be possible to grow out of this
type of limitation.

It seems wonderful to have trees that bear fruit and participate in
mankind's nourishment.  Under my present state of mind, I am inclined to
think that plants as well as animals are much, much, less evolved than they
appear to us.  If the animal kingdom as a whole has only reached the
dinosaur state, then I suppose plants might in reality (on their own globe)
appear something like cactuses or may not even possess leaves, let alone
fruit yet.  It would likewise be wonderful if animals could participate
more fully in manipulating tree shistas to be more fruit and flower
producting and this would allow man to effect the shista lives even
further, wouldn't it?  I suppose we'll have to wait until we can speak more
openly with our "guides and instructors" to know for sure.


>Also, I recently witnessed a deep trance session in which the trancer
>passed on "wisdom" from a group of entities, supposedly ascended and
>watching over our progress.  Some people saw shapes around the trancer,
>some felt a prescence.  I didn't even see an aura this time.  It was
>also made quite clear that whatever the entities said was "filtered"
>through the person passing it on.  This was abvious to me as nothing
>that was said was beyond my comprehension, and I feel at least one thing
>should have been.

>In case any of you are interested, I did ask a question:
>"Respectfully, in whatever way you choose to present it, what entity
>was/is/will be the loudest silent communicator to us?"
>The answer, after what appeared to be some hesitation or bickering, was
>Then followed a bunch of regular stuff and warnings and hints that we
>all already know.
>I've been contemplating that answer subconsciously since then.  When I
>get the "message", it will be a mixture of every thing I have
>remembered, read, postulated, analyzed, envisioned and intuited, through
>past lives, gene transfer, grabbing bits of other people's wisdom,
>tuning into the universal wisdom.  No?

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