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Jun 15, 1998 02:14 AM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

Annette to Dallas:
>> right about lots of reading, etc ... and I will say ia very "spotty"
>>mind that remembers some things and
>> forgets others.
>I figured you had some computerized books so that you could punch in key
>words and up pops the appropriate quote.  If you are quoting from
>memory, well, what can I say.

Ah, now I know why I've been saving some of the posts!  That way, once I've
been on the list for a few more years, I can dig up any related topic and
post them.  So far, I have a good file on the Leadbeater scandal, TS
politics, HPB, Krisnamurti's Truth, sexism, vegetarianism, debate over
Paul's Masters, psychism and the ES.  I even started posting "Truth is a
Pathless Land" for Doss whenever he mentions it.  I'm saving him some
searching time.

>> Dallas:
>> To me Theosophy is not only the current of thought today, but the
>> result of past thinking.  Like mathematics you and I are solving
>> current problems with a wisdom drawn from Euclid, Pythagoras of
>> Plate --- etc..What do you think of the work done by Penrose,
>> Margulis, Hawking, and Bohm, Einstein, etc., etc., who are
>> pretty much in the forefront of scientific thought ?  Isn't it a
>> unity of past and present made "real" and "creative ?"
>Well said.  Our difference seems to be that, having read and understood
>(or not) the recorded thoughts of others, I believe it is our task to
>assimilate those thoughts with our experiences and present the result as
>something come from ourselves.  So my ideal debate is something like...
>"Trees speak to us of ancient wisdom.  I have experienced this when etc
>etc, and others have told me that they have experienced etc etc.  I am
>reminded of SoandSo's account in SuchandSuch book (pages xx) recounting
>similar experiences with various differences pertinent to the time of
>that writing."

I agree with Annette that knowledge is important, but it is also important
that one can play around with knowledge.  Has anybody ever played with a
Lego?  It has rigid parts, most of it squares and rectangles, with the
delightful additions of triangles, little humans, and other odd parts.  The
Lego becomes a wonderful starship when one realizes that they interconnect
with each other, the rigidly shaped parts and the amorphous parts.  The
rigid parts become the foundation and can be a support anywhere, while the
amorphous parts help to make the starship unique.  All that knowledge is
the foundation, the known, and the rigidly shaped parts.  Our creativity is
the amorphous parts, our interpretation, our playfulness.  Put together a
Lego set and you'll see what I mean.  You can buy a small one for 5 bucks.

Thoa :o)

P.S.  Dallas, how did you get your name?  I know it's a city in Texas.
That's an unusual name for Theosophists with a love for India to give to
their child.  I can understand your sister's name Sophia, which relates to

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