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Re: Dr. Bain and "Real Evidence"

Jun 14, 1998 09:33 PM
by Daniel H Caldwell

Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:

> At least a photo of HPB with a Mahatma. Maybe a picture of the Great
> Brotherhood.  Testimony from others who could confirm from their own
> experience that what she said was also what they found.

Daniel Caldwell replies:

We have the testimony of *more than 25 individuals* during Madame
lifetime who said that they had met H.P.B's Adept Teachers.  See my
article at:

This appendix gives the first hand accounts of H.S. Olcott.  I have a
huge file of the other testimonies.

Dr. Bain continues:

> In all my reading, I have not come across references to Great White
> Brotherhoods (or Great Black ones for that matter) which pre-dates
> HPB.

So?  Using this kind of reasoning & argument, we could rule out many
kinds of things. But the real question to answer is what is the evidence
for HPB's Masters and *how good is it*?

Do you believe in the existence of Jesus Christ? Regarding Jesus,
as far as I know we have no first hand accounts about him; only
secondary accounts written by unknown authors who
compiled various materials from an oral tradition, etc., etc.
If you have any first hand, eyewitness accounts of Jesus,
please let me know.

With HPB's Masters, we have plenty of eyewitness
accounts. Even K. Paul Johnson is convinced of the existence of Ooton
Liatto and another adept.  He writes on p. 62 of THE MASTERS REVEALED:

". . . . There is little doubt that two REAL adepts visited Olcott in
New York."

And elsewhere Johnson admits:

"There were two points in the history of the TS at which the Masters
Morya and Koot Hoomi appeared as solid historical personages rather than
elusive semi-ethereal beings...."

And Johnson's statements are based on the testimony of Olcott and other
Theosophical witnesses.

Are you a "doubting Thomas" of Johnson's statements?  THIS COULD GET

And speaking of the Adept Brotherhood, in 1882, Colonel Olcott wrote:

"I know the Brothers to be living men and not spirits; and they have
TOLD me that there are schools, under appointed adepts, where their
science is regularly taught."

If you accept any of the Theosophical teachings, what is so
difficult in believing that there are Theosophical adepts, yogis,
call them what you will, and that they have their own schools and

I have many friends who are *skeptics of Theosophy*, but they don't
in Adepts plus they disbelieve all the rest of Theosophy, not to
mention the Kabbalah and all esoteric traditions, etc.,etc.

In the above, I am not suggesting that one should naively accept the
evidence but it should be examined and studied and compared with other
types of evidence for other things. How good is the "evidence" for the
"paranormal" or "esoteric" items that you accept and believe in?

I'm not trying to be difficult with you but simply asking you to
compare things, etc.

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