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Re: Internet & Theosophy

Jun 15, 1998 01:35 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

June 15th  1998

Dear Marshall:

Thanks for the additional info on Mr. Wadia.  I have a short "
Bio-notes " on his life and work and can send it to you if you
would like to see and read it.

I agree that his books (originally published as anonymous
articles in THE THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT -- a monthly magazine
published by the Bombay ULT since 1930) are valuable to us.

They have helped me a great deal in my study, also.

"Uncle Jack Regardie" -- Val (my wife) is his niece -- told me of
his playing of tennis in the early days in Washington -- and in
Bombay in 1928-29, when he lived in the same compound in a
detached bungalow, and where we had a ground floor "flat" on
Bomanji Petit Rd., Malabar Hill, he used to play at the tennis
court there with my father and mother, and with Donald Townshend
and others.  I was only 6 or 7.  In our album of photographs I
recall having one showing them at play.  Soph has it now.

It is also true that he was interned as you say during the 1st
World War with A B and Arundale for advocating that the British
give independence back to Indians for them to manage their own

If you go back to visit Madras ask to visit the Madras Labor
Union.  It is in the "down-town area."  There you will find that
they preserve his name and fame -- When I visited over 30 years
ago there were still living those who had worked with him and
they had his room and desk and other things preserved as in a
museum.  His bust was placed on the top entrance to the building.
There is a small green square in front of the building.

Do visit the ULT in Bombay, Bangalore and Madras if you go.

At the ULT in Bombay a whole floor is devoted to the activities
of the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF WORLD CULTURE, which Mr. Wadia started
in Bangalore [ their headquarters are near the Bangalore Lodge at
6, B. P. Wadia rd., Basavangudi.  My sister lives at  1 B.P.Wadia
rd. a few yards away.  I am sure she will welcome you.  -- her
E-mail address is  ]

Would you like a program of activities, as all the addresses are
given there ?

Meeting times in India at the ULT are usually:

Sunday evening 6.15 pm to 7.30 pm;

Wednesday (same timing)  Question and Answer Meeting;  and

Fridays 6.15 pm to 7.30 pm Study Class usually in either THE KEY

Bombay Lodge has a THEOSOPHY SCHOOL at 4.30 pm on Saturdays.

It would be good to phone ahead of time and get dates and times

In Bombay contact Mr. V. Ramakrishna or Mr. Ramesh Sirkar.
Phone: 208-5137 (in Bombay).

In Bangalore contact Miss Sophia TenBroeck
Phone:  667-2498 (in Bangalore).

In Madras contact Dr, Jayalaxmi Kamath
( You can get her phone # in Bombay or Bangalore.  I don't have
it. )

June 21st will be ULT Day -- a special meeting held in
commem-oration of the work of Robert Crosbie.  All ULTs hold a
special meeting in his honor on that day.  In Washington at the
ULT there the meeting will be at 11 am (I believe) and Mr. Rama
Chandran of Bangalore ULT will speak.  Do get additional
directions from him.

Best wishes to you, and let me know if I can help.  I am letting
the folks in Bombay and Bangalore know of your proposed visit.
do let them know if they can help you when  you arrive there.


> Date: Sunday, June 14, 1998 6:28 PM
> From: "Marshall Hemingway III" <>
> Subject: Re: Internet & Theosophy

>Date: 98-06-14 19:40:54 EDT
>From: Megabeet
>In a message dated 98-06-14 13:34:07 EDT, Dallas writes:
><< My sister Sophia was born in Bombay in 1929 and has lived in
> Bangalore (where there is a ULT Lodge) about 250 miles from
> Madras in south India.  My mother and she started the East-West
> School.  It has had an enrolment of over 700 pupils (Montessori
> to High School graduation classes) and is one of the best in
> town. >>
>Thank you for the info. I have always liked Sri Wadia's STUDIES
>DOCTINE, Volumes I and II, Also someone I knew attributed POINT
>P.B. Wadia's authorship. One of the regular students in the
Washington ULT
>Lodge, Jacob Regardie (brother of Israel Regardie), now
deceased, would
>delight in telling me that he often played tennis with Sri Wadia
whenever he
>came to town.
>I had read that P.B. Wadia, Annie Besant And George Arundale
were interned by
>the British for agitating for Indian Independence and, upon
their release,
>they were given a hero's welcome in Madras, complete with
>I was in Bombay 17 years ago and I visited the Adyar TS compound
in that city.
>I was impressed by its size. There were a number of buildings
there on the
>grounds. I was taken on a tour of the main building. There were
no meetings
>going on at the time. Unfortunately, I was unable to visit the
Bombay ULT and
>the Institute of Culture (Sophia Wadia). I am returning to India
in September
>and perhaps I will be able make a stop in Bombay. If you could
email me the
>times of the meetings there I would appreciate it.
>The present head of the Institute of World Culture will be
speaking at the
>Washington ULT on June 21st but I don't know if I'll be able to
make it. His
>name slips my mind for the moment.

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