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Jun 15, 1998 05:53 PM
by Sophia TenBroeck

> Date: Saturday, June 13, 1998
> From: "Marshall Hemingway III" <>

"Did either of you know B. P. Wadia? Even though the ULT doesn't place
emphasis>on personalities, I understand that Mr. Wadia was the shining
light of the>Bombay Lodge and that he attracted many to theosophy
through the force of his>character, charisma and oratorical skills.
Attendence, I understand, was at>its height during his lifetime."

Yes, indeed he was the friend of my parents in LA when my brother was a
baby.  I grew up, looking upon him as my gutu in my heart; there was no
such outer display.

There is indeed in the ULT a great effort at avoiding the possibility of
"personality cults."  But after a person in dead, it is a little
different.  B P Wadia's editorial articles in the magazine The Aryan
Path, were brought together and issued under his name, as the book THUS
HAVE I HEARD."  Now out of print.

There is a grave danger in our outer personalities trying to usurp the
place of the divine inner.  So efforts are made to protect oneself and
another from whatThe Voice of the Silence, says is "Pride and
satisfaction at the fete achieved;" and again the advice is given, "Be
humble if thou would'st attain wisdom.  Be humbler still when Wisdom
thou hast mastered.  Be like the ocean which receives all streams and
rivers, the oceans might calm remains unmoved."    The Tao-The-King
speaks of the wise, occupying a lowly

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