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On reveling

Jun 15, 1998 01:08 PM
by Kym Smith

Sophia wrote:

>So walk, enjoy and revel in the grass,  even when and if you have to
>harvest food,  but let you heart be loving.   Revel in the beauty of
>form and color of the flower and the sunset, feel blessed and try to
>give of BLESSEDNESS back to them.

Hmmm.  I don't see how I can "enjoy and revel" in the grass.  It seems the
concept of harmlessness is impossible.  When I sit upon the grass, I realize
that I may have knocked back to the ground an insect that struggled for five
hours up a blade of grass and had almost reached the top until my bubbly
butt just sat down on it.

What if it were humans being affected like the insect?  Imagine: a bigger
species comes to this world and the leader advises these bigger beings to
"walk, enjoy and revel" on the new world. The big aliens start romping and
wrestling with each other - having a grand old time.  In the process, humans
are squished, maimed, and killed underneath them.

Most humans would think that is TERRIBLE - why shouldn't we think the same
about the inhabitants of the grass world?

This world is fashioned in such a way that we are forced to kill to live -
but I wonder. . .how can one be happy in it?

It would seem to me that the more one knows, the sadder one would become.
The more we know, the more we see the struggling, desperate, breaking hearts
of both humans and animals.  Yes, I can see the beauty of the sunset and
feel the cushy-ness of the grass.  Of course, I feel blessed - I've food to
eat, a house to live in, a computer to pontificate on, heating and air
conditioning, etc. . .so many others do not.  But, most importantly, I have
around me people who love me and a sense of purpose. . .so many others do not.

I simply cannot understand a "happy wise person."  Things are not as they
should be - this is not the best of all possible worlds.

I cannot "revel," Sophia.  Not now.


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