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Statute of limitations

Jun 02, 1998 08:51 AM
by K Paul Johnson

It's actually over seven years since my hypotheses about HPB and
the Masters first were printed.  Although the interest of some
people in denouncing and/or trying to refute them appears
undiminished, my own interest in the subject is much reduced.  In
the past month I've been allowing myself to get dragged back into
disputes with Theosophical fundamentalism, but that's not really
a suitable channel for anyone's energy.  Although it can be gratifying
to "win" in the estimation of onlookers, one can very rarely win with
fundamentalists of any kind in the deeper sense of getting them
to reexamine their belief system.

As the publication of the Cayce book approaches, it's time to
focus on that rather than past writings and reactions to them.
So I won't be publicly debating about the Masters or HPB on the theos
lists or anywhere else henceforth.  If anyone wants information
or opinions from me on that score, I'll be glad to oblige by
private email, however.

And will stay on the lists to comment occasionally on other


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