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Re: Egregores and Masters

Jun 02, 1998 05:58 AM
by Pam Giese

> From: "Mark Kusek" <>

> Jung has much to say about the projective phenomenon and how it operates
> in our psyche and our relationships. It is amazing to do research in
> this area because you begin to see just how much our perception of
> "reality" is of our own making.

In "Shambala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior", Chogyam Trungpa addresses
the issue of a perceived reality versus physical/historical fact in his
discussion of whether or not the Kingdom of Shambala does exist or ever
existed with all the trappings accorded to it in mythology.  [I'd like to
get quotes, but I've only got this on audio.]  His endpoint is that since
the Kingdom of Shambala can only be recognized by one on the path, one
needs to embrace the path and the kingdom will be revealed.

I've been noticing  how some Jung's theories on projective phenomenon have
been finding their way into the field of Information Theory.  Both Edward
Tufte ("Visual Explanations", "Envisioning Information") and Thomas
Davenport ("Information Ecology") expose the idea of how cognitive
environments are created and constrained(for most people) by the graphics
and systems available.  Thus systems can be heaven or hell and "users"
frame their percieved environments within them.....Speaking of creating
heaven or hell for users, I'm off to work...


"Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light..."

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