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Re: Past Life memory

Jun 02, 1998 05:46 AM
by Pam Giese

> From: "Annette Rivington" <>
> Dear Alan:
> Thanks for sharing.  I have been watching and waiting for your promised
> recounting of your experience.

Yes, Alan.  Thanks.

> I would like to try "past life regression" to see if anything I deal
> with currently is as a result of past lives, but would rather do it
> alone than "under guidance of a regressor".  It there's nothing there, I
> can trust myself not to invent something, but cannot necessarily trust
> someone who is being paid to "produce a result".

I agree with Annette here.  If you're able to get at the memory yourself,
you can operate at a state beyond the conscious mind, and not be confined
by the need to verbalize nor by the regressor's "guidance".  I've found
that working with a regressor can be disappointing because the regressor's
image/direction frequently doesn't correspond with the experiential memory
environment.  When this disjunct occurs, the memory trail can be disrupted
and the conscious minds starts filling the gap with fantasy.

Now the are people who need a guide to cross the barriers of consciousness,
and that's fine.  But it sound like you've been doing well on your own.  If
you feel like you need to get deeper, maybe try some sort of aid:  candle,
light-reflecting objects, shamanic drumbeat tapes, or even a metronome.

> I like your process of analysis in considering all possibilities.  Most
> interpretations state that we completely forget past lives before
> choosing this one and I could never get into that, because, if the
> theory is that we reincarnate to work out Karma and reach for
> perfection, but we have no memory of what we did before, how can we know
> we are doing it any better this time around?
I've always read not "that we completely forget past lives" but that our
higher self chooses not to remember past lives in this one because the
memories of past lives interfere with the mission/goals of this life.  If
we could remember past lives, the allure might be too overwhelming and we'd
find ourselves searching for lost loves and trying to attone for previous
injuries.  So each new incarnation, we start with anew, but the our history
is still within us.  In "Venus on a Half-Clam", Kurt Vonnegurt has a short
story about a planet where each of the inhabitant's past lives come to
consciousness for a brief period each day.  The result is so much time is
spent with the past that there is no time for the present.

After having passed through a major life trauma and spiritual awakening,
I've found that I've become more and more aware of past life memories and
current relationships that have past life connections.  Sometimes this is
actually disturbing.


"Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light..."

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