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Past Life Memory

Jun 12, 1998 08:00 PM
by Sophia TenBroeck

Alan's contribution to Pam's Past Life memory : --

"However, another, US published, book (I no longer have a copy, so
cannot quote the title) was by a woman hypnotherapist, Helen Wambach.
It never seemed to have occurred to her, nor had it happened in her
regression sessions, that present life traumas in this life had any
effect on the outcome whatever, and none of her sessions find this
element present."

Alan referred to Helen Wambach, one of her books is entitled "Reliving
Past Lives," if my memory is correct this is the second book. These
books describe the conduct of experiments on about 50 volunteers
simultaneously,  which she held over a number of years.   She describes,
I think giving the exact words she uses, in the hypnotic induction,
both at the time of starting the session and before waking subjects up.
In the induction at the beginning of the session, lays special stress
that anyone not wanting to go through the regression need not do so, but
an assurance is given that the experience would in no wise cause
distress, and that they could forget if they wanted to.  She provided
for a variety of experiences that the person might face and allowed them
FREE WILL regarding it;  this was done once again at the close of every
hypnotic regression session.  By the hypnotic suggestions given she
tried to provide the maximum protection person who had volunteered to

The first of her books, whose title might be something like "Life Before
Birth," deals with the memories of the person, before and during
conception, and then further into their life in the womb of their
mother.   Quite interesting from a theosophical point of view regarding
the incoming soul in relation to their relations with their future
family, their connection with the developing embryo and so forth.  I
remember particularly one case, where an unwedded mother to be was
contemplating abortion, and the incoming ego stayed with her mother most
of the time, trying to avert the abortion, because she (it turned)
wanted to be born.  The returning soul seems to be far wiser and
capable, than the little babies intelligence, as we see it, trying to
gain mastery over the infant body, acquiring mobility and speech.

May this be of some help,  Fraternally,   Sophia

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