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Re: Past Life memory

Jun 01, 1998 07:30 PM
by Annette Rivington

Dear Alan:
Thanks for sharing.  I have been watching and waiting for your promised
recounting of your experience.
I have a couple of questions for my own interest only:
You say:
> and following what might
> be called third object disciplines, attempted to discover if there was any
> substance to this, as by this time I had received enough occult training to
> be able to do so.
> So I went in, so to speak.
What do you mean by "third object disciplines", please?
I would like to try "past life regression" to see if anything I deal
with currently is as a result of past lives, but would rather do it
alone than "under guidance of a regressor".  It there's nothing there, I
can trust myself not to invent something, but cannot necessarily trust
someone who is being paid to "produce a result".

I like your process of analysis in considering all possibilities.  Most
interpretations state that we completely forget past lives before
choosing this one and I could never get into that, because, if the
theory is that we reincarnate to work out Karma and reach for
perfection, but we have no memory of what we did before, how can we know
we are doing it any better this time around?

> Watch this space!
Watching, watching

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