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Subject : Holograms and Egregores

Jun 01, 1998 08:20 PM
by Sophia TenBroeck

There has been a fascinating and very valuable set of expositions, from
the scientific and theosophical point of view, of these two subjects;
which have been inter-related and with advantage could be further
correlated.  Thank all of you for the excellent contributions

HOLOGRAMS.  Having made a study of this some years back, there just
occurs to me to add a point to what has already been stated.  Three
laser  cameras "photograph" an object or subject from differing angles.
When these laser "photographs"  are projected into space at a given
focal length, the wavelengths of the laser beams strike each other
causing interference.  This interference causes the reappearance in that
spacial area of a replica of the original object, not in hard matter,
but as a perceivable three dimensional image that observers can walk
around and view from all angles.

Museums, instead of sending with all the expense involved pieces of
their collections for display to other museums and parts of the world
for exhibition purposes, need only send the holographic images.  These
can be exhibited and visitors see three dimensional art pieces, or
paintings.  This is going to be a great saving financially, and
obviating the cost of the insurance, and great expense of Security.

This apart, the important aspect of the Holograph is what many of you
have already accentuated.  That each section of the interfering laser
beams, at each point provide a miniature of the WHOLE OF THE OBJECT.
Each spot of space is a replica of the original.  It reminds one of what
HPB says, about the Circle's Circumference and its Centre, in relations
to the Kosmos-(and to the Cosmos)  :  HPB says its CENTRE  EVERYWHERE

Another author to be studied with those already mentioned is Lyall
Watson, the biologist  looking for life, who wrote "Romeo Error,"
"Supernature" and "Life Tide," and one more book.  (Two of these named
books are duplicates of each other, one is the English title and the
other the American one, I am sorry I have forgotten which is which.)
He spoke of LIFE FIELDS-again this can be linked to the proofs of
KIRLIAN PHOTOGRAPHY-which act as a back ground to the formation of blue
prints for animate things.  He brings this in as if he was speaking of
the astral model (in Sanskrit "linga Sarira") of plants and animals, of
which theosophy also speaks.   Going on to develop this theme further he
starts writing of THOUGHT FIELDS.

Before Leadbeater and Annie Besant came up with the phrase "thought
field,"  Mme Blavatsky had already spoken of the images of the gods (of
any of the world's pantheons, whether so-called Hindu, Buddhist, Greek,
Roman, Egyptian etc., (or any of the various tribal and nature spirit
worshipers) in the Astral Light would be found decaying and falling
apart, as people had gradually decreased worshipping and having belief
in them.  Here again we get the picture that in the Astral light are to
be found HOLOGRAPHIC IMAGES created by man's thought power, and systems
of belief-whether rational or irrational, it makes no difference.

AND each one of us being a part of the Universal HOLOGRAM, in each atom,
cell and organ of our body, and especially in our brain, and above that

One way of learning is through - Analogy and Correspondence --  on which
HPB lays great stress, as a way of developing intuition and widening our
acquirment of KNOWLEDGE, and beyond that WISDOM  or  TRUTH, about which
also discussions keep cropping up on these lists.

Using therefore Analogy and Correspondence, therefore it would be worth
each one's interlinking what is said about HOLOGRAMS, Egregores,  to the
Universal Mind,  "thought constructs,"  and other similar subjects. HPB
in The Voice speaks of the mind needing "…breadth and depth, and points
to draw it towards the Diamond Soul."

Fraternally,      Sophia

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