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Re: HPB a forbidden topic?

Jun 01, 1998 09:55 PM
by Darren Porter

Brenda Said:

>I think she was untruthful when she said there would be a third volume of
>the SD with biographies of the lives of adepts in it.

I recently downloaded the Kessinger Books mail order catalogue - there was
this entry:

Blavatsky, H.P., Secret Doctrine: The Synthesis of Science, Religion and
Philosophy VOL. 3 OCCULTISM (1897), This rare third volume of the Secret
Doctrine (virtually impossible to find) completes the papers left by H. P.
B. It is a complete course on Occultism! Nothing is left out. Almost 100
chapters. Partial contents: One Key to all Sacred Books; The ABC of Magic;
Chaldean Oracles; The Book of Hermes; Three Ways Open to the Adept; Names
are Symbols; Characters of the Bible; The Book of Enoch; Hermetic and
Kabalistic Doctrines; Numbers and Magic; Occult Weapons; The Duty of the
True Occultist; Two Eternal Principles; St. Paul the real founder of
Christianity; Apollonius no Fiction; Biographies of Initiates; Kabalistic
Readings of Gospels; Magic in Antioch; The Septenary Sephira; Seven Keys to
all Allegories; The Mystery of the Sun; Magical Statutes; Masonry and
Jesuits; Mysteries and Masonry; Egyptian Initiation; Root of Races;
Celestial Wheels; Christian Star Worship; Defense of Astrology; The Seven
Rays; Secret Books; Tibetan Prophecies; Swedenborg; Occult Secrecy; and
much more! Blavatsky was an occult master. If you are a serious mystical
student, you'll need this rare and illuminating book. ISBN 1-56459-415-7,
618 pages, $49.95

i was told by my local TS that it is not in fact a seperate vol3 - But HPB
surely mentions a vol 3 under way at the end of Anthropegenesis.

" These two volumes only constitute the work of a pioneer who has forced
his (sic) way into the well-nigh inpenetrable jungle of the virgin forests
of the Land of the Occult. A commencement has been made to fell and uproot
the deadly upas tree of superstition, prejudice, and conceited arrogance,
so that these two volumes should form for the student a fitting prelude for
Volumes III and IV. Until the rubbish of the ages is cleared away from the
minds of the Theosophists to whom these volumes are dedicated, it is
impossible that the more practical teaching contained in the Third Volume
should be understood. Consequently, it entirely depends at the hands of
Theosophists and Mystics, whether these last two volumes will ever be
published, though they are almost completed" - SD vol II, Anthropogenesis,
pp 797-798, facsimile edition.

Can anyone elaborate further?



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