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Re: HPB a forbidden topic?

Jun 02, 1998 05:38 PM
by Dr A M Bain


Most of these writings I have read somehere - maybe in the six-volume
Adyar edition (which I no longer have, but they were in volume five (six
being the index)).  Much of what I found written there fits in with my
own study and experience - whether HPB wrote it doesn't seem to be
the most important factor, however, but whether what was written has
any substance in fact.  IMO, some of it does.

Darren <> writes
>Blavatsky, H.P., Secret Doctrine: The Synthesis of Science, Religion and
>Philosophy VOL. 3 OCCULTISM (1897), This rare third volume of the Secret
>Doctrine (virtually impossible to find) completes the papers left by H. P.
>B. It is a complete course on Occultism! Nothing is left out. Almost 100
>chapters. Partial contents: One Key to all Sacred Books; The ABC of Magic;
>Chaldean Oracles; The Book of Hermes; Three Ways Open to the Adept;
>are Symbols; Characters of the Bible; The Book of Enoch; Hermetic and
>Kabalistic Doctrines; Numbers and Magic; Occult Weapons; The Duty of the
>True Occultist; Two Eternal Principles; St. Paul the real founder of
>Christianity; Apollonius no Fiction; Biographies of Initiates; Kabalistic
>Readings of Gospels; Magic in Antioch; The Septenary Sephira; Seven Keys to
>all Allegories; The Mystery of the Sun; Magical Statutes; Masonry and
>Jesuits; Mysteries and Masonry; Egyptian Initiation; Root of Races;
>Celestial Wheels; Christian Star Worship; Defense of Astrology; The Seven
>Rays; Secret Books; Tibetan Prophecies; Swedenborg; Occult Secrecy; and
>much more! Blavatsky was an occult master. If you are a serious mystical
>student, you'll need this rare and illuminating book. ISBN 1-56459-415-7,
>618 pages, $49.95

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