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Re: Statute of limitations

Jun 02, 1998 09:47 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 11:51 AM 6/2/1998 -0400, you wrote:
>a suitable channel for anyone's energy.  Although it can be gratifying
>to "win" in the estimation of onlookers, one can very rarely win with
>fundamentalists of any kind in the deeper sense of getting them
>to reexamine their belief system.
Giving a brutal examination of one's own beliefs is the most difficult thing.

>So I won't be publicly debating about the Masters or HPB on the theos
>lists or anywhere else henceforth.  If anyone wants information
>or opinions from me on that score, I'll be glad to oblige by
>private email, however.
>And will stay on the lists to comment occasionally on other

I think you have made a very wise decision. I always cherish many exchanges
we had both on these lists and in private e-mail and you are in my short
list of even handed fairminded persons with whom one can always interact no
matter whether we are in agreement or non-agreement on any issue. I am
stating this openly because I want everyone to know what my feedback is.


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