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May 31, 1998 06:34 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

May 31st 1998

Dallas writes:

May I offer a few more quotes that have helped me ?

" blind submission to the commands of another can be
demanded, or would be of any use.  Each individual must learn for
himself, through trial and suffering, to discriminate what is
beneficial to Humanity;  And in proportion as he develops
spiritually, i.e., conquers all selfishness, his mind will  open
to receive guidance of the Divine Monad within him, his Higher
Self, for which there is neither Past nor Future, but only an
eternal Now."
--  H.P.B.   "Lucifer,"  Vol. 4, p. 88


    AN ALLEGORY    --  "Irish Theosophist, 1896"

Master, working in the chamber of his heart recognized the
approaching conjunction of the cycles.  Traversing the Earth he
sought virtue and unselfishness in mankind.  In a distant simple
village he found one man and urged him to come work with him

Time passed, and again the clock of the Universe recorded again
the meeting of the times of resolution.

"Now thou hast finished they probation, thou art ready I see," he
said.  "Yea," answered the chela, "I am ready for initiation.  Is
the time at hand ?"
"Soon," answered the Master, "but first bring me another six who
are taught and prepared like you are."

Going forth into the world the pupil sought, found and taught
another.  And together they found a third.  Him they taught
together.  And in the course of many lives the required seven
were found, taught and prepared.

"Come," said the first, "let us seek the Master."  They found
their way.

The cycles met again.  The seven stood before the Master.  The
first spoke:
"Lo, Master, we are here.  Is the time for Initiation at hand ?

"How left ye the earth-people?" asked the great one.  "In
ignorance and darkness and full of misunderstandings of the truth
of all," they answered.

"Carry them the truth and light and liberation, and save all
possible.  When each of you has freed seven more pupils from
illusion and taught them the wisdom you have acquired;  when you
and they have sown the seeds of Truth throughout the world;  when
each of you has given seven times his life to save mankind,
return, and the temple shall be ready."

Ages passed.  The Cycles met.  Again the Great Cycle was seen to
be at hand.  Rising, the Master went directly to the temple.
Unused it had stood silent through the aeons.  He made it ready.
He opened wide its gates.

Still nearer drew the sacred hour.  A mighty multitude
approached.  At their head walked the original seven.

The master led them into the Temple.  All followed in silence.
They entered the outer court.  There many were stationed.

They entered the inner court.  Here others were given their
places.  They entered the great Hall, and then the HALL beyond.
In each were posted the guardians who belonged there.

The few who were able then entered the sacred chamber.  The
Master and the original seven entered the inner room, and the
Master alone penetrated into the sanctuary, the most holy place.

The cycles clashed and the moment was upon them.

The seven Sounds resounded -- through the Temple and all the
Lands beyond.  On hearing the seventh a silent change coursed
through all.  The seven found themselves in the inmost chamber.
Their place was filled by those in the sacred court.

Those who were in the halls found themselves beyond,  Those in
the outer courts had likewise passed a step ahead.  The outer
court was empty,  But without was a mighty surging.

A sound as of thunder that swallowed the lingering vibrations of
the first seven. It rent the air.  The outer court vanished.  The
whole world had entered that court, and all mankind was within
the Temple.

[ From  AN ALLEGORY  published in "The Irish Theosophist, in


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