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Re: Re: Price of THEOSPHICAL MOVEMETN - 1875-1925

May 22, 1998 03:56 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

May 22nd 1998

            Re: THE THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT: 1875-1950 = $ 6.00

Dear Govert:

Sorry -- I should have included the original price it was
published at:
$ 6.00 plus shipping ( $ 2.00).  The book is 350 pages.

 Order direct from
Theosophy Company,
245 W. 33rd St., Los Angeles, Ca., 90007

Phone:  213-748-7244


> Date: Friday, May 22, 1998 9:02 AM
> From: "Govert Schuller <>
> Subject: Re: Re: Advances in World knowledge since HPB wrote

>Dear Dallas,
>You happen to know it's price?
>>If you are interested in tracing the history of the current
>>Theosophical Movement, I would recommend that you secure a copy
>>    THE THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT -- 1875 - 1950
>>[Based on documents relating to events in the recent T.
>>Published by Cunningham Press, Los Angeles, and available at:
>>Theosophy Company, 245 W. 33rd St., Los Angeles, Ca., 90007,

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