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Re: Quotes from Theosophical Texts

May 24, 1998 07:39 PM
by Annette Rivington

OK Annette, gird your loincloth and here we go:

> May Dallas offer some more quotes drawn from Theosophical texts ?

Certainly.  Patience is a great virtue and I need to learn it.

> "Practical occultism is the lowest form of applied
> occultist must not separate himself or anything
> else from the rest of creation or "non-creation" ... He must
> think of himself as an infinitesimal something, not even as an
> individual atom, but as part of the world-atoms as a whole.
> Everything from Spirit to the tiniest particle, is a part of the
> whole, at lest a link.  Break a single link and all passes into
> annihilation, but, this is impossible..."
>                     HPB - "Transactions of the Blavatsky Lodge",

Exactly.  Absolutely.  Start with understanding the lowest, travel that
land a bit, and reach for the stars.
Dead right it's impossible, so why fear being part of it, part of all of
Mankind twirls around and utters a prayer and creation responds.
Creation twirls around and breathes a prayer and mankind comes into
There is no separation..........

Next, please.....
> "It is not necessary to be conscious of the progress one has
> made.  We make a good deal of progress in our inner, hidden life,
> of which we are not at all conscious.  It is best to go on with
> one's duty, and to refrain from this trying to take stock and
> measuring of progress.  All of our progress is in the inner
> nature, and not in the physical where lives the brain ... The
> apparent physical progress is evanescent.  As the Great Adepts
> live in [that plane which is also] the plane of our inner nature,
> it must follow that they might be actively helping every one of
> us --- and we, as physical brain men, not be conscious of it on
> this plane."  (Answer to a friend by W.Q.Judge,)
>                                                 W. Q. JUDGE
> ARTICLES, Vol. II, p. 505

Exactly.  Absolutely.  No contest.
However, when we do become conscious of this progress along the way, or,
should we be born with a knowledge of our duty this time and cannot
escape for one day the feeling that we have shirked it because we are a
whimp, or the universe opens a door and we walk through, it is no longer
possible to just "go on with one's duty and to ...."

All of our being, brain and inner, is awakened and aware and there is no
going back to sleep, no living without saying thank-you daily to the
"great adepts" actively helping us, no going back to thinking that we
are doing it all by ourselves, and no further peaceful life without
practising the responsibility that is given with the authority.

The Kundilini (sp, to coin a phrase) once awakened will no longer be

> "Man is a perfected animal, the vehicle of a fully developed
> Monad (Atma-Buddhi-Manas) self-conscious and deliberately
> following its own line of progress."
> HPB -- "Transactions..."  p. 14

OOps.  Man is currently the most imperfect animal in creation.  Compared
to the insect or virus, man is deliberately following its own line of
progress straight to annihilation, without divine intervention that is.
Compared to the whale or dolphin, man communicates to little avail.
Compared to the domestic dog or cat, man knows little about
unconditional love.

What HPB might have meant to say was either...."Man has been given the
opportunity and privalege of being a perfected animal  etc.", or "Man
*was* a perfected animal in the beginning, the......."

Um, nex-x-x-t...
> "...we should imitate the Great Brotherhood in its constant
> efforts to help Humanity.  New ideas are projected among men and
> all good reforms are fostered.  They offer to all men the truths
> of the Wisdom-Religion, leaving results to the Law [of karma] ...
> Our plain duty is to present the truths of Theosophy to all men,
> leaving it to them to accept or to reject, and to help all others
> to aspire to perfection..."        W Q Judge, "Forum Answers", p.
> 7

Absolutely.  No contest.  Bit difficult to imitate the Great Botherhood
though when all we have is someone else's imperfect perception of it.

The various Theosophists have and do their duty by presenting their
imperfect perception of the truths to all men.  Some have accepted, but
most in the populous have rejected so far.
So, when anyone of them or us reaches perfection, they and we can then
start to help all others, by simply being perfect in the truth.  And NOT

> "Only the homogeneous, the absolutely purified unalloyed spirit,
> can be reunited to the Deity, or "go to Brahma."    HPB --
> "Transactions",  p. 139

Absolutely, undeniably.  And since it is from whence we all came, we
will all be reunited eventually.  And since we are all part of it, those
parts of us that we sometimes reconnect with as absolutely unalloyed
spirit, usually in the darndest surprsing moments, can be reunited at
any time.

Ugh next.....
> "Every living creature, of whatever description, was, is, or will
> become a human being in one or another Manvantara."    HPB --
> Transactions, p. 23

Logical progression of above in linear evolutionary terms.  But, every
human being was, is or will become an every living creature, of whatever
description in one or another Manvantara, and every bit of spirit in any
form coexists in the whole and form is of no consequence, then, now and
in future, which is all one time.

Phew, next....
> "Maya is the perceptive faculty of every Ego which considers
> itself a Unit, separate from, and independent of, the One
> infinite and eternal SAT, or "be-ness" ... Not only we ourselves,
> but the whole visible and invisible universe, are only a
> temporary part of the one beginningless an endless WHOLE, or that
> which ever was, is, and will be."        HPB -- Transactions, pp
> 31-2

Nice fancy definition of what we all know about being separate and at
the same time only part of something greater and what we know about
being temporary and yet immortal.  Knowledge we have at birth and act
accordingly as babies.  Knowledge we cannot escape when we walk this
beautiful earth.  Knowledge we rediscover when we bond with another.
Knowledge retained in the trees and the wind that constantly reminds us
if we dare to listen.  Knowledge we experience when we meditate, or have
heart palpitations in the dead of the night alone.
Why call it Theosophy especially?

> '... the never manifested MONAD which lives in solitude and
> darkness, when the hour strikes it radiates from itself ONE, the
> first number.
> This number, descending, produces TWO, the second number. and TWO
> in its turn, produces THREE, forming a Triangle, the first
> complete geometrical figure in the world of form.
> It is the ideal or abstract triangle which becomes the POINT in
> the Mundane Egg, which, after gestation, and in the third remove,
> will start from the Egg to form the (second) Triangle.
> This is "Brahma-Vach-Viraj"  [ Cause - Word - Will ] in the
> Hindu philosophy and "Kether-Chochmah-Binah" in the "Zohar."
> The First Manifested Logos if the "Potentia," the 'unrevealed
> Cause;'
> The Second, is the still latent 'Thought,'
> The Third, is the Demiurgos, the active Will, evolving from its
> universal Self the active effect, which in turn, becomes the
> "Cause" on a still lower plane."
> [ see SD I 130 ]                                        HPB --
> Transactions, p 83.

Oh lummy, here we go with the theos-speak.  My grandmother was a baptist
and said it differently, actually she said it in about a hundred ways
"Always be pure in thought, word and deed"
"What you give out comes back to you, threefold"
"So ye sow, so shall re yeap"
"Say nothing, if you've nothing good to say"
"You are what you think"
"The Trinity is everywhere in life...Body, Soul and Spirit; Father, Son,
and Spirit;  Birth, life, passing over;  Morning, Noon and Night....
"Be careful for what you wish, you always get what you wish".
"In this world of darkness, we are bid to shine, you in your small
corner and I in mine"
"We are caretakers of this creation"
"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me"

Completely off point?  Well, if you said it in plain English, maybe I
could understand what you are trying to describe.

Dallas, my dear, I appreciate your initiative, but I cannot live by
quotations alone.
Happy discussion

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