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May 25, 1998 05:37 AM
by Darren Porter

Dear Dallas:

At 06:10 AM 5/23/98 -0700, you wrote:
>May 23rd 1998
>Re:  Soma-juice, Kykeon, Diktamon of the Greek Mysteries, etc.
>Dear Darren:
>Your quote from the Secret Doctrine is correct.  However, are you
>familiar with what HPB writes on this subject in her THEOSOPHICAL
>p. 304 -- she gives much more in detail.
>Other references that you might consult, if you do not already
>have them are:
>ISIS UNVEILED  I  xxxi-vii, xl-i, 157, 357;  Vol. II 43-4, 1117,
>409, 513-4, 560
>LUCIFER, May 1890,  "Thoughts on the Elementals" last 2 pages of
>    [ ULT Edn.,  HPB ARTICLES, Vol. 2, pp 176-7]
>THEOSOPHIST, September 1889, (end of Section VI of series)  "Le
>Phare de
>l'Inconnu" [ THE BEACON LIGHT ON THE UNKNOWN (translated from
>HPB's original article in LA REVUE THEOSOPHIQUE, May 1889)  [ ULT
>Edition of
>HPB ARTICLES  Vol. I, p. 444-5 ]
>FIVE YEARS OF THEOSOPHY, "The Elixir of Life,"  p. 1 et seq.
>SECRET DOCTRINE:  Vol. I 101fn, 210, 386, 396-8, 523fn ;
>Vol. 2 45-6, 378, 495-9, 590
>MAHATMA LETTERS 219, 207,264-5, 375
>LUCIFER, February 1888,  "The Esoteric Character of the Gospels"
>installment,  [ ULT, HPB ARTICLES, Vol. 3, p. 196 ]

Thankyou for these references. I do not have access to all titles but will
investigate the ones I do have further. Do you know if any are available
on-line, I am building a database of SOMA quotes.

>You are apparently looking for a short-cut in time to experience
>only that which aspirants to Wisdom may receive at the hands of
>an Adept, after they have passed throng the preliminary process
>of moral purification -- and this may take years and completely
>change the nature of the personality.

I am not personally looking for a short cut, rather I am interested in the
wording of the original SD quote and have been looking for earlier source
material such as the Rg Veda. I find it interesting that the absolute power
has provided us with many plants that have an obvious psychological efftect
and yet we still seem to think that a plant or a drug from a plant can be
'illegitimate'. The Hindus have never had this approach and have a found a
use for almost every plant they have access to (Ayurveda).

>Only those who are completely unselfish, and harmless to
>themselves and the rest of humanity and nature can ever receive
>the true "Soma."

What power makes this judgement? It is my contention that when one receives
SOMA it is then that they will become completely unselfish, harmless to
themselves and the rest of humanity. If SOMA reveals the inherent truth of
the first TS principle, namely that we are all one, then why would someone
deliberately then hurt themselves? SOMA tears away the shroud of Maya and
with it the illusion of individuality. Behind the eyes of every person lies
the same essential being. When you undertake the SOMA initiation what you
had forgotten is remembered. Many laugh at this point.

>There is however report of a "fake" soma which is made available
>by some equally "fake gurus"  (and it called an astringent juice)
>made from an herb grown in the Western Ghats of India.  The
>effects of this are not accurately described, but they induce a
>kind of temporary trance, and have nothing to do with the
>permanent spirit-soul-opening power of the true SOMA as reported
>in HPB's writings.  In one way it is quite apparent that it is
>entirely non-physical, but psycho-spiritual.

There is undoubtedly many plants that would induce similar properties to
Soma - Peyote, Mescal, Reed Canary Grass, golden Wattle, Psilocybin
Cubensis, Stropharia Cubensis, Banisterios Caapi, Peganum Harmala, any DMT
containing plants, Amanita Muscara and so on. South American Shamans are
able to access the Astral plane through Ayahuasca, but most Shamen would be
considered schizophrenic if diagnosed by western doctors. The links between
schizophrenia, pyshic states and brain chemistry needs to be fully explored
before we are to ever understand the mind/brain link. To dismiss this field
of enquiry because it seems like a short-cut would, I believe , be a big
mistake. What are we so afraid of?

>I hope this will be of some use.            Dallas

Thanks Again

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