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Re: Egregores and Masters

May 31, 1998 08:04 AM
by Mark Kusek

Pam Giese wrote:
> I've often wondered what the effect an egregore (I've never heard this term
> for it before, and am thankful for the convenient noun) has on the living
> subject of the thought projection. Think of the egregores that must
> surround some of the popular celebrities -- positive and negative
> projections that thousands/millions of people pump energy into -- and pull
> energy from. While the living subject might get a power rush, there also
> would be quite a bit of psychic vampirism going on. In any case it must be
> quite unsettling to the individual.

... and to the people who help create and sustain them, especially when
new information comes to light that challenges or reveals things about
the admired figure that might be unpleasant for the fan to consider.
Celebrities often speak of their awareness of being "role models" and
the pressure of expectation this assumed responsibility brings upon
them. Some handle it well and actively participate in the
use/manipulation of their image(s) as part of the social
responsibility/influence of their public career, for both good and ill.
This can be relatively selfish or altruistic. Others succumb to it and
in extreme cases can and do suffer much.

Celebrity examples are often easy to recognize, but we all continually
participate in these subtle psychic dynamics. Every thought, feeling and
action we have or experience operates on these same principles.

This is true also of our perception and conceptions of our self

It may be unpopular theosophy to some, being authored by
Leadbeaster/Besant, but there is a wonderful introductory book to this
subject called "Thought Forms." It is a seminal volume in the history of
the Society and has had definate impact on, for example, the rise of
abstract expression in Modern Art.

> Each of us can project positive and negative energy into the world.  Paul
> makes the point that we enliven cultural constructs with the energy we
> project and nourish. If we choose to project and feed positive thought
> forms with energy of lovingkindness, we increase the power of good in the
> world.  On the dark side, if we allow ourselves to wallow in self-pity, look
> for signs of conspiracy, deceit, corruption and violence, we're never
> disappointed because we feed off of the same energies we project. While
> focusing on basic emotional energies affects our own personal sphere, when
> we extend that projection to focus on a shared image we become part of the
> quickening of that image with energy. Sustain this focused energy/worship and
> you get your godhood.

You also get culture, understanding, communication, progress, politics,
etc. Being manifestations in the field of time and space, the products
of our own creation are always relatively both good and evil, depending
on your personal or group relationship to them.

I would not want nor advocate to anyone a cessation of investigation,
historical inquiry, critical thinking, psychological or cross cultural
studies or debate. I think we have to look at and deal with ourselves,
each other and things as they are with an aim towards well rounded
balanced views, even if this also means our faculties are limited and
our understanding always partial.

Jung has much to say about the projective phenomenon and how it operates
in our psyche and our relationships. It is amazing to do research in
this area because you begin to see just how much our perception of
"reality" is of our own making.

> Stepping into heretical waters, look at the discussions on this list.
> There is more than enough energy pumped into the image of HPB to pass the
> tests of living cultural construct.  But is this always the energy that
> generates a positive fount of esoteric wisdom and universal brotherhood?
> A la the Jerry Farwell/Jesus example, there seems to be a discordant strain
> that overemphasizes human frailities and accentuates contradictions and
> errors.  I just wonder if there isn't a strain of dismantling the same
> structure we're building.

In our effort to understand and get at the "truth" of anything, we are
continually creating and destroying. That's how our minds work. HPB is
definitely a "cultural" construct and reference point for this group. I
think it is actually healthy and helpful to have multiple perspectives
to aid our view. Seems like it's up to each of us to find in it the
balance we need.

> I believe we need to be conscious of the energy we're projecting when
> working with shared images and be aware of the energy that the shared
> images represent.  It's one of those areas that relate to how real we
> accept these esoteric ideas to be in our lives.

Agreed, but not only shared images in our relationship, but every image
we perceive or conceive.

> Sometimes it's fun to read
> and theorize about the occult without accepting it as reality.

It is important to know that every view we hold dear, even our
understanding and acceptance of what constitues "reality" is a construct
in the mind, therefore impermanent and subject to both pleasant and
unpleasant change.

Interesting thread.
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