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Re: Egregores and Masters

May 30, 1998 07:49 AM
by Pam Giese

> From: "K Paul Johnson" <>
> Subject: Egregores and Masters
> Date: Friday, May 29, 1998 4:27 PM
> Lmhem111, your comments about thought forms of Masters remind me
> of the doctrine of "egregores."  Cultural constructs that have an
> actual objective existence, and which people can tap into.  For
> example, I hear that there's a woman in California who channels
> Barbie.  Think of the millions of little girls pouring out
> Barbie-worship for decades, and perhaps it makes sense that there
> is an egregore out there which can be channeled.

I've often wondered what the effect an egregore (I've never heard this term
for it before, and am thankful for the convenient noun) is on the living
subject of the thought  projection.  Think of the egregores that must
surround some of the popular celebrities --positive and negative
projections that thousands/millions of people pump energy into -- and pull
energy from.  While the living subject might get a power rush, there also
would be quite a bit of psychic vampirism going on.  In any case it must be
quite unsettling to the individual.

One could of course use the same argument about cultural
constructs of Jesus.  Some of them are downright evil, IMO.  But
I'd say there are many Jesuses floating around in the egregore
world, some of them founts of love and compassion, others avatars
of exclusiveness and hate. <snip>

Each of us can project positive and negative energy into the world.  Paul
makes the point that we enliven cultural constructs with  the energy we
project and nourish. If we choose to project and feed positive thought
forms with energy of lovingkindness, we increase the power of good in the
world.  On the dark side, if allow ourselves to wallow in self-pity,  look
for signs of conspiracy, deceit, corruption and violence, we're never
disappointed because we feed off of the same energies we project.  While
focusing on basic emotional energies affects our own personal sphere, when
we extend that projection to focus on a shared image we become part of the
quickening that image with energy.  Sustain this focused energy/worship and
you get your godhood.

Stepping into heretical waters, look at the discussions on this list.
There is more than enough energy pumped into the image of HPB to pass the
tests of living cultural construct.  But is this always the energy
generates a positive fount of esoteric wisdom and universal brotherhood?
Ala the Jerry Farwell/Jesus example, there seems to be a discordant strain
that overemphasizes human frailities and accentuates contradictions and
errors.  I just wonder if there isn't a strain of dismantling the same
structure we're building.

I believe we need to be conscious of the energy we're projecting when
working with shared images and be aware of the energy that the shared
images represent.  It's one of those areas that relate to how real we
accept these esoteric ideas to be in our lives.  Sometimes it's fun to read
and theorize about the occult without accepting it as reality.  Back in my
early neo-pagan days, it became very fashionable for some of the local
circles to work with trickster energies.  These circles would call down
Eshu, Legba, Discordia, and Coyote all within the same ritual --and then
wonder why they started to experience weird unexpected s_ _ t in their


"Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light..."

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