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Re: Theosophical quotations

May 27, 1998 08:40 PM
by Annette Rivington wrote:
> Your answer is confusing -
This is not surprising.  Most communication takes many statements and
thoughts for understanding.
> Firstly:  I did not ask a question that would require one to have "met" the
> "Great Brotherhood" to be able to answer.  Please re-read and note the
> question is addressed to Theosophists, not the Mahatmas.
My answer remains that to answer your question I would need first-hand
knowlege of the Great Brotherhood, so I did not answer it.  And if the
question is addressed only to Theosophists, I cannot answer it anyway.
What I really meant to say was that I am an unsuitable person to attempt
to answer your question, having nothing of validity or of interest to
say, so I opted out.
> Secondly: most of what is discussed on this list are the interpretations of
> what others (HPB, Mahatmas, Jesus, Judge, etc) have said and I don't know of
> many on this list who have met them - so to ignore my question based on
> those reasons seems a tad irrational and mighty feeble.
No at all irrational for me, because I am one of the list lurkers who
does not discuss interpretations of what others like those have said in
the manner you mean, unless as a natural course because I have
internalized what I have read and heard and as a matter of course
regurtitate it in my own words.  So I opted out.  Maybe feeble, but far
better in my book than shooting off my mouth about something of which I
know nothing.  Let's call it discretionary and leave me at that, please.
> Perhaps few have actually stopped and thought of what is meant when Judge
> (or anyone else) says "imitate" the Great Brotherhood - even though most
> will nod their heads in agreement when such a sentiment is expressed.
You could be right.  I've not seen this nodding, but have seen other
circumstances of nodding for posture and find it sad and time wasting.
Closure between us on this, I hope?
Regards to you Kym

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