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Theosophical Quotations

May 27, 1998 11:31 PM
by Kym Smith

Dallas wrote:

>Re:  The "Great Brotherhood"

>Here are some of the "zingers" Mr. Judge offered
>(as they have impressed me) :

How did they impress you, Dallas?

In what way did these quotations offered by you help explain my original
question about what it means to "imitate" the Masters?  Or, is that not your
intention here?  If it is not, please explain what is.

There were a few tips offered in the quotes: "avoid controversy" or "let not
bitterness come up" or "the way for all Western Theosophists is through
H.P.B." or "let the fight be for a cause and not against anyone."  There was
also the interesting quote that the great Adepts "might" (?!) be helping
each of us.

How does one "avoid controversy" and still fight for what is right - that
often goes hand-in-hand?  How does one "let not bitterness come up" while
still being a human with human emotions?  HPB expressed what can definitely
be termed "bitterness" from time to time in her writings.

I must tell you in order to avoid misunderstanding that I have the
impression that some of the quotes you posted such as "let not bitterness
come up" or "let the fight be for a cause and not against anyone" were more
something YOU wanted to tell me.  No?  The irritation expressed in my
e-mails is genuine - I am disturbed by robotic-type exchanges.

Judge's statement "the way for all Western Theosophists is through HPB" is
simply not true.  Western Theosophists are not some monolithic, marching in
lock-step group of folk - any thinking Western Theosophist would be aghast
at such a careless remark.  But, perhaps, it is because the quotation is
being taken out of context?  That is the danger with selected quotations
passing for truth.


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