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Re: K. Paul Johnson and HPB's alleged "untruths"

May 27, 1998 08:36 PM
by Marshall Hemingway III

In a message dated 98-05-27 15:22:14 EDT, you write:

<< For example, my belief is that a group
 of people, sufficiently closely knit and with proper knowledge, can
 develop a group monad, which, although people may leave and join the
 group, continues on. I believe that the Mahatams are such a group, and
 when they "act as Mahatmas", they are acessing this monad. >>

I think you're right. This process seems to be suggested in the literature.
When some Masters move on into other initiations and other kinds of activity,
new Adepts move in to "pick up the slack" so to speak.


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