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Re: Talking to trees etc.

May 27, 1998 08:22 PM
by Annette Rivington

Hi Alan.  You wrote:
> That tree pestered me for the whole of that season, as if I had apeared
> as a hired hand with one purpose ... can't really blame the tree, though.
> Maybe is had been a long time since anyone heard ....
> Now you all *know* I'm out of *my* tree :-)
I say:
A great experience and you did your bit in preserving the conkers of the
world.  You must have given the impression of wanting to be involved or
you would have been left alone.  I have just been involved in a
discussion about communication with the "universe" and how, if we are
not in focus and clear about what we are trying to communicate, we get
strange gifts.

Indubitally we get what we ask for.
I knew you weren't strange.
Good health

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