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Out of the Dark

May 20, 1998 11:40 AM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

Dear Dallas,

>Well so far as my sister Sophia and I are concerned, we are pretty much of
>the same mind. There is grave danger lurking in the astral realm, and if
>you had a sense of warning, then it is good that you followed it. It is
>most probably your own Higher Self -- the eternal :God" within, that spoke
>to you as the Intuition does.

I also think that the fear arose from dangers I perceived in my "real
world."  I was going through changes, moving to the U.S., lots of exposure
to my maniac mom when she became a full time mother, being attacked by
other children for my difference, and exposure to the logically inclined
Western education.  I was probably safer in the astral realm.  I eventually
replaced astral travel with a keen interest in astronomy and space travel.
After I squelched astral travel out of myself, I started getting nightmares
of a huge dark hole opening in the wall facing the end of my bed, trying to
suck me in, and of God telling me I need to be a good follower.  I wonder
if I had overcome my fear and let the black hole pull me in, what I would
encounter in there?  Hell?  Heaven?  Wonderful secrets about the Truth?
Maybe the message is not to fear astral travel.  Maybe I was supposed to
overcome my fear, but failed to do so.  It could all just be dreams and
brain chemistry.

Thoa :o)

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