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Re: The Shugden Controversy: some reflections on "deva-yoga" and related matters

May 20, 1998 03:27 PM
by Alpha (Tony)

 Caldwell/Graye <> wrote:

>The Shugden Controversy:  some reflections on "deva-yoga" and related
>Here is an opportunity for all of us to study, ponder and

It is always inspiring to read/study Theosophy. To take one of your
poigniant points:

>Maybe the Dalai Lama and his brother would now agree with
>the sage advice of Madame Blavatsky when she wrote in two different
>"One and all of those who put their theory into practice are rapidly
>THROUGH IGNORANCE, into black magic.  Happy are those who escape from
>as they have neither test nor criterion by which they can distinguish
>the true and false. . . ." Caps added.

BTW -What colour are the caps added?
>"Much of this may be avoided if people will only abstain from rushing
>into pratices neither the nature nor importance of which they
>I'm sure Blavatsky's mention of "black magic" will be to some readers
>like waving a
>red cloth before a bull.

It is a red RAG rather than cloth. A rather different emphasis. The
dugpas   left  psychic    rags   on the cliff paths for the chelas to step
on.  Truly a warning.

"My friend, this is treading upon dangerous ground.  In our mountains here,
the Dugpas lay at dangerous points, in paths frequented by our Chelas, bits
of old rag, and other articles best calculated to attract the attention of
the unwary, which have been impregnated with their evil magnetism.  If one
be stepped upon a tremendous psychic shock may be communicated to the
wayfarer, so that he may lose his footing and fall down the precipice before
he can recover himself.  Friend, beware of Pride and Egoism, two of the
worst snares for the feet of him who aspires to climb the high paths of
Knowledge and Spirituality......." (Letter LXVI)

"3. A third object - pursued only by a portion of the members of the society
- is to investigate unexplained laws of nature, and the psychical powers of

Dallas has been writing some comments about this third object.

This third object comes over in one of its meanings as studying/meditating
"The Secret Doctrine," which WILL form the MANAS of a Universal Brotherhood
of humanity....which is pursued only by a portion of the members of...
The third object at times seems to be as "simple" as that.
It would seem to endorse what you have written above Daniel?

Thinking about what Pam has been writing, hopefully we can all be agreed on
the fact that THEOSOPHY is not about "what is in it for me," but rather
about humanity......... to form THE nucleus of A Universal Brotherhood...


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