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May 05, 1998 00:32 AM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

>Another category of individuals who legitimately fear the unknown darker
>realms, are those who have experiences in their previous lives, who have
>left them with tendencies of passivity, and the likelihood of their
>having these tendencies repeated and strengthened in this life.  They
>come with the susceptibility and the weakness in that direction.  This
>new life on earth offers them an opportunity of getting away from old
>influences, and a chance to forge new and stronger characters.   Fear of
>the general things that went wrong in former lives, is the Skandhaic
>remembrance of warning they have brought over with them.  This is their
>plank of salivation, if they are not dare devils, and fool hardy with
>pride and self assurance where they should have none.
>They must cultivate all that the above quotations state, and root
>themselves in their higher and more positive nature.  But they should in
>the meantime not  avoid the voice of fear, for it might well be the
>voice of protection.

It's funny that I had written my post to Dallas last night and then saw
this post this morning.  I didn't send it last night because I wanted to
think it over before I post about my personal experiences.  As to your
above comment, I wonder what it is in me that causes inordinate fear of
astral travel that used to come so easily to me.  I've pretty much snuffed
any of that ability out of me due to my fears.

Thoa :o)

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