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Re: Science approaches Thesophical view of brain/mind

May 05, 1998 03:53 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

May 5th  1998

Dear Bjorn:


I would like to know where this information concerning the nature
of the hologram is derived from.  I am interested in the aspect
that relates every part to the whole, etc... The analogy to the
connection of each individual Mind to the "Universal Mind" is

I would like to see some source information if you have it, or
visit a site where the description is taken from.

You mention several authors, Are there any sites you can suggest
for visiting or reviewing the crucial material relating to this
aspect ?

Thanks, in advance,                    Dallas

> From: "Bjorn Roxendal" <>
> Date: Monday, May 04, 1998 8:52 PM
> Subject: Science approaches Thesophical view of brain/mind

>> Both photographic holograms and distributed
>> memory, however, are very resistant to damage. Holograms are
information fields, and information (scalar) fields may be
>> accessed and communicated in ways which are only recently
becoming understood, that are not limited by space-time
>> materialisation. In short, they have a 'life of their own' and
this may provide an explanation for psychic phenomena,
>> out-of-the-body and past life recall. In other words, the
brain is but an interface between the non-material scalar
>> information-field or mind. In turn it is the spiritual
viewpoint which implicitly creates this mind.
>> The scalar fields are similarly holographic in nature,
therefore any individual mind has potential access to the
infinite mind of the
>> universe, and given the appropriate coherent 'laser-beam'
brain wavelengths this information can be accessed through the
>> interface. Hemispheric synchronisation is a pre-requisite to
this. This corresponds to Jung's 'collective consciousness' and
>> indeed the hypotheses would go beyond the human race to
include the scalar fields of all species and orders of
classification, at
>> all times and places: the Universal Mind. In this way the
Being has access to all knowledge and is indeed creating this
>> information.
>> The interested reader may investigate the writings of David
Bohm, Karl Pribram, Tom Bearden, Rupert Sheldrake, Michael
>> Hutchison and Michael Talbot to discover the amazing
breakthroughs in scientific research which have occurred in
recent years,
>> which de-mystify the subject of metaphysics. The aspects of
case which relate to Man's spiritual nature are handled in full
>> The Meta-Programming Project.

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