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May 04, 1998 10:09 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

May 4th 1998

Dear Thoa:O

Well so far as my sister Sophia and I are concerned, we are
pretty much of the same mind.  There is grave danger lurking in
the astral realm, and if you had a sense of warning, then it is
good that you followed it.  It is most probably your own Higher
Self -- the eternal :God" within, that spoke to you as the
Intuition does.

There are many about who have been born with an "gateway" into
the "astral."  Theosophy gives a great deal of detailed
information about it, and the beings that live in it.  [ If you
have the OCEAN OF THEOSOPHY, read chapters 16 and 17 -- in fact
if you read right through the book you will be able to acquire
the basics and see for yourself. ]

We are warned that it is a dangerous place.

Will let it go at that.

As to you query about Chaos being "Female."  Metaphysically, when
the Universe manifests again, there is a polarity established as
a basis, the first
" 2 " -- one is said to be "male," and the other "female."  But
that is because people will understand it better.  Negative and
positive.  The Egg of Brahma has 2 poles so as to create the oval
symbolic of endless SPACE within which all the Universes appear.

The "male" is supposed to be the active, energetic, adventurous
side.  the "female" is supposed to be the more passive, receptive
and nurturing, or conservative side.  They are in equilibrium and
a dynamic relationship is always present between them.  the GREAT
ABSOLUTE UNITY OF PRIMAL SPIRIT is the final and totally uniting
ONE.  Each of them is a part of IT.  But neither can exist in
manifestation without the other to balance.

If you have a chance with your S D ( Original Edition pages ) try
looking up these :

Vol. I  65  90fn  431  451-2  460 ;  II 84  505 -- there is a lot
more, and if that does not entirely help,  do you have the
INDEX -- I mean a separate book, and not the very short and
fragmentary index at the back of Vol. 2.          Dal.

> From: "Thoa Thi-Kim Tran" <>
> Date: Monday, May 04, 1998 1:12 PM
> Subject: OUT OF THE DARK

>>Another category of individuals who legitimately fear the
unknown darker
>>realms, are those who have experiences in their previous lives,
who have
>>left them with tendencies of passivity, and the likelihood of
>>having these tendencies repeated and strengthened in this life.
>>come with the susceptibility and the weakness in that
direction.  This
>>new life on earth offers them an opportunity of getting away
from old
>>influences, and a chance to forge new and stronger characters.
Fear of
>>the general things that went wrong in former lives, is the
>>remembrance of warning they have brought over with them.  This
is their
>>plank of salivation, if they are not dare devils, and fool
hardy with
>>pride and self assurance where they should have none.
>>They must cultivate all that the above quotations state, and
>>themselves in their higher and more positive nature.  But they
should in
>>the meantime not  avoid the voice of fear, for it might well be
>>voice of protection.
>It's funny that I had written my post to Dallas last night and
then saw
>this post this morning.  I didn't send it last night because I
wanted to
>think it over before I post about my personal experiences.  As
to your
>above comment, I wonder what it is in me that causes inordinate
fear of
>astral travel that used to come so easily to me.  I've pretty
much snuffed
>any of that ability out of me due to my fears.
>Thoa :o)

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