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Re: What is the main problem?

May 04, 1998 09:18 PM
by Martin Leiderman

Dear Kazimir,

My rational for saying that there is no main problem, is an observation
that nature and life IS.  But individuals on perceiving Nature or life
conceive "main questions and problems" as a way to get to (or explore,
like in dialectic) their innermost perception of IT.

On Platon: I did not want to say that he did not have a main question,
which I think is the Idea of the Good, but that he discourages people
from defining important words in singular, like Justice or Virtue, etc
or in your case "main problem". That I took from the Republic.

On the B. Gita, I think Krishna's main problem is to get Arjuna to
realize his Dharma.
This is based mainly in the sloka: 3:35  and also 2:31,33; 3:8, 19 among
others. I am too tired now to type them, but if you do not have them
I'll do it.

Tell me what you think

Martin Leiderman
Los Angeles CA

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