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Re: What is the main problem?

May 06, 1998 09:39 PM
by Martin Leiderman

Dear Kazimir,

On the B Gita:
3:35: "One's own duty, though defective, is superior to another's duty
well perfected."

I think , for Krishna,  Arjunas' main problem is that he does not know (
or, recognize, discern, able to perform, etc) his own duty, because of
lack of wisdom. So in the B.Gita we find the teaching of Krishna to
guide Arjuna in performing his duties (Dharma).

Regarding your comments on killing, I differ from you in this but is
very complicated and energy comsuming to argue about it, but in 11:33,
Krishna says:
"... these (Arjunas' enemies") have been killed veruly by even earlier
...." this is very interesting because Krisha is able to 'see; the Law
of Causation" were by the actions performed by the Kauravas, they are
already dead. . . .
But as I said before, this is a very difficult and dangerous subject.
And I am not a very good dialectian.

You also ask:
> How is your book on NA going?

I made an typo error in my original email, which I corrected later on by
saying "I meant to say that I will not write a book about the NA."
I have not kept up with the NAt, my first hand knowledge ends up in 1983
or earlier, I think, since then a have scatter news here and there.
A know that Jerry Hejka-Ekins  is trying to interview me about it, but I
am scare of him since I see how strong, opinionated, judgemental and
challenging he is, and I am of a nicer and gentler type, with no
ulterior motives.

About Plato I would love to share with you more of my idea of his "main
problem" but hope you can wait couple of weeks . . . I am travelling to
Caracas (I was born there).

Thank you for your comments, Let me know what you think about my point
in the B Gita.

Martin Leiderman
Los Angeles CA


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