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Re: Copyright Issues

May 06, 1998 10:24 PM
by Govert Schuller

Jerry wrote:

> Her definition
>of nirmanakaya and her preentation of the three Bodies of
>Buddha, for example, are plain wrong.

Could you elaborate? I am interested because as Jerry E-H suggested a
Nirmanakaya Nirvani would be close to what I think is an Ascended Master.

So far my reading tells me that the term nirmanakaya can refer to a) a
state of consciousness, b) a level of heaven, c) a person at that specific
level or consciousness or e) the body that person inhabits when at that
level of heaven and with that state of consciousness. And it all seems to
refer to a Bodhisattva, who has taken leave of his physical body but still
can communicate and interfere with with the earthly realm.


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