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Re: Copyright Issues

May 05, 1998 05:38 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>J. Paul Johnson in a posting dated May 5th in "Theos-Talk alleges
>without proof that
>        HPB spoke or gave out "untruths."    [ paragraph 5 [
>Since no proofs of this are given, if there are any references to
>this, may we have them.
>An unsupported statement (such as this) that HPB (being dead)
>cannot refute or challenge, demands that someone else do so on
>her behalf.

First of all, Paul did give some, and so have I. Her definition
of nirmanakaya and her preentation of the three Bodies of
Buddha, for example, are plain wrong. Thus she gave us an
"untruth."  It remains to be seen whether she deliberately
lied or was honestly mistaken or was mislead by her interpretors.
Giving out an untruth does not equate to a deliberate lie (for
which she would have had no real reason).

Jerry S.

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