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Re: K. Paul Johnson on HPB, the Mahatmas, Buddhism and Tibet

May 05, 1998 05:33 PM
by Jerry Schueler

> If these observations are
>more or less true, do they negate any of the claims
>put forward by HPB and the Mahatmas?

Not necessarily.

>Does Alexandra David-Neel's account seriously
>invalidate the alleged precipitation of letters from the
>Masters M and KH?  If so, why?  If not, why?

No, she merely reported what was told to her by a group of
Adepts. These were apparently of a different school.

>Why should we believe these Tibetan lamas?  Do these
>Tibetan lamas interviewed by Alexandra David-Neel have
>misconceptions or biases?  Etc. Etc.

I think that they were speaking for the majority of Lamas
at that time. Today, of course, their "secret" teachings are
being dispensed everywhere in print.

>Another example:  One well known Blavatsky student has
>asked the current Dalai Lama if he knew of the
>BOOK OF DZYAN.  The Dalai Lama said he knew of no
>such book in the Tibetan religious writings.  What can
>we reasonably conclude from this?  Etc. Etc.

I believe him. We would have heard of some kind of
confirmation, is such existed. This remains a big
problem and makes me wonder just how much of her
"translation" was from historical records and how much
from reading so-called akashic records. Even if she
made the whole thing up (which is doubtful) it remains
a masterpiece.

>I hope everyone (on both sides of the issues) will challenge
>their own thinking and assumptions.  Let's have a thoughtful,
>calm discussion even if some of us have disagreements.

Agreed. As I study Tibetan works I begin to see ever more
disagreement. Apparently HPB took what she wanted from
Tibetan sources just as she did with other sources.

Jerry S.

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