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Re: What is the main problem?

May 04, 1998 06:05 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

May 4th

Dear Kazimir:

HPB in providing us with the Theosophical Philosophy [ please
secure a copy of THE SECRET DOCTRINE -- read between pages 4 -
18 ]  H.P.Blavatsky
 states that the Universe does not get destroyed.  Our world dos
not get destroyed.

The whole of Nature is ruled by just laws and not by the whims of
either a "god" or by the "priests" of any religion -- who promote
our fears because they keep us in ignorance of the WHOLE TRUTH --
they abuse the wisdom which is entrusted to them, and they make
slaves of otherwise intelligent people.  Ignorance make fear.
Knowledge enables us to escape by "common-sense" the bonds of
ignorance.  This is something we have to do for ourselves.

Energy human being  has the same equipment:  Mind, Feelings and
senses, and Body.  We have to study how they work together.  Who
are we ?  what can we do ?  what do we already know ?  Is it
reasonable ?  Is there a consistent philosophy of learning that
is being made available to us ?  This is the process of true
learning in all real academies and universities.

The process of Evolution states that there is a consistent logic.
Nothing is present today -- you, me, our world, the rest of the
Universe -- and, all Beings and forms in it, unless they were
undergoing a reasonable and individual progressive education.

The propositions that Theosophy offers for consideration are:

1.    There is an IMMORTAL Power or Force in and behind every
entity, whether this be an "atom" or a World.  There is also a
vast unifying SPIRITUAL SOMETHING -- which includes all
manifested things in the Universe -- it is like SPACE for which
there are no boundaries in distance or in time, either as
"beginning," or "ending."  WE, everyone of us, are a VIRAL PART
of that one UNITY, That ONE SPIRITUAL SELF.  Yet, we all use the
temporary forms of this life.

2.    Everything in the Universe, our world, ourselves and the
atoms, etc... are ruled by ONE UNIVERSAL LAW -- it has been
called by many names, but in effect it is LIFE and LOVE.  Hence,
Brotherhood, and tolerance, and non-violence are the criteria of
its ideal and excellence.  Anything that breaks or violates this
simple rule is a breaking of that LAW, and he or she who breaks
the Law will be re-educated by circumstances that the LAW brings
to him/her which show that being the direct effects of the break
or violation which he/she did.  It is EDUCATIVE, not PUNITIVE.

3.    All beings, from the minutest life-form (the "life-atom")
to the wisest of Human beings -- with a Mind that can encompass
the Universe, is under the law of evolution, which is the law of
brotherhood, and therefore the WISE always sacrifice their
condition to be of service and help to educate the mind-power
developing in their younger brothers.  It is is an unbroken
WHOLE.  A great Teacher like Jesus came under that Law to reform
the Jews of his time.  He was partially successful, and the
ethics and conduct that he taught caught the minds and attention
of a few "apostles."  they followed him seeking o learn as much
as they could from him, and trying to practice what he taught.
Several dozens of years later some of the second or third
generation "followers" of Jesus' teachings decided to form a
"church."  To do this Belief ( Credo), Rites, Ceremonies,
Rituals, etc. were constructed and set up.

So according to Theosophy there can be no destruction, no final
However, every period of Evolution is followed, (as in our own
lives) by a period of resting, of sleeping.  Then the whole
Universe wakes up and every being in it continues their work as
before.  theosophy states that we are a little bit past the
mid-section of the present Evolutionary Period.  There remain
about 15 trillion and a half years to get to its completion.  So
we need not worry for a very long time -- in fact many thousands
of reincarnations will pass for us before we ever get near that
period of rest.

When you go to sleep at night, your consciousness for the day is
"destroyed."  You can no longer function in the sleeping body.
You go into "dream-land."  there you review to some extent, the
sensations and ideas of the day that just ended.   And you also
in that highest place hold discussion with your SPIRIT -- THE
UNDYING HIGHER SELF -- the Moral Being -- also known as the
Intuition and the Voice of Conscience.

And when the body is rested and it is time to begin working
again, you wake up and resume the duties and memories of your
previous "days."

This is an analogy also to reincarnation, but in that case we
have discarded the old and worn out body, and Nature ( and the
Law of Karma)  provides us with a new baby body to grow up into
and to educate with the talents and capacities we have added
during the last life to the stream of our larger living.

The reincarnation of the Universe is also an analogy t this.  If
there are IMPERFECTIONS in the Universe, it is we, who were the
men of its past, who put those imperfections into place and now
we have to get rid of them -- that is, in general, the Large
Karma at work.

The underlying PURPOSE of evolution in the Universe is the
evolution of intelligence into consciousness, then, into the
self-consciousness of the Mind -- which is what humans are now
doing.  From the self-consciousness of human mind the panorama
opens out to include the WISDOM OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE, past,
present and future.  there is no end to learning and to sharing
what we learn with others.  No one is able to possess TRUTH
without also giving it away to others who are equally searching
for it.  But it is not only learning, it is performing duties
that becomes important -- as the WISE Adepts also assist in
Nature's program of universal education, and assist in all
aspects of it.  This process  is fully described in the first 300

I hope this is of some help in our specific inquiry, but if I
have not understood, please ask again, and explain exactly what
you want to know.

Best wishes,                Dallas

> From: "Kazimir Majorinc" <>
> Date: Sunday, May 03, 1998 2:23 PM
> Subject: Re: What is the main problem?

>Dallas, henx for your detailed answer, containing short and
clear resume of
>theosophical cosmology. However, I asked for ISOLATION OF THE
>from the whole cosmology you described. I may suppose that
"prevention of
>the collaps of the Universe" is main problem, although someone
may choose
>other like "personal salvation." This two problems may have the
>solution (wisdom or so) but nevertheless, these are different
problems. Do
>you understand what I want to say? You must chose the problem
before you
>find the solution, and if it is the solution for other more or
>important problems, it is even better. Other candidates for main
>are of course, my favorite gnostic-killer question: "what made
>(better: world) imperfect", or "how to use our possibilities on
the best
>possible way", "What is hidden purpose of the world" etc.
>So, what is the main problem? For you or for HPB?
>Was HPB ever explicit about that?
>>>what and to what. Aristotel, Socrat, Heraklit, Platon
>>> (did not considered it..)
>>same as Theosophy.  There is no difference in the fundamental
>>ideas of Great Men, and Great Teachers in the past as in the
>They wrote about many things, including some of that you wrote.
They are
>often deep in their teaching and there is a little doubt about
it. But,
>they did not isolated the main problem. It was not their style.
OK, maybe I
>forgot (or just did not read) the place where the main problem
>If you know where it happened and what is the main problem
according to
>them (or any of your authorities) let me know.
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