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Re: Topics for WWW/copyright

May 04, 1998 05:06 AM
by Pam Giese

> Yes, I agree. Developing a website is to be taken very seriously.
> ...mkr

A website with information (and meta-tags) on the previously mentioned
topics would be great, but we also need to remember links.  As Dr. Bain
pointed out the first step is to link current TS sites with each other.
Links are also important because the search engines under development use
heuristics to analyze the links and connectiveness of sites to each other
and "weight" the resultant sites based on their role in the web community.
[Let me know if you want the exact references for this].

I've been redesigning the Wheaton site for a class project.  I have yet to
pitch the re-design to John Algeo, but their current webmaster liked an
early prototype.  In testing  sites with friends who knew nothing of the
TS, they reported being confused about the TS's purpose (based on home
pages) and would have immediately surfed out. being the only
exception.  This brings home the fact that the website needs to be viewed
as a marketing tool --their needs to be something that grabs the attention
and holds it.  I like the Gnostic Society site ( for
this reason --it immediately gives you something to do (i.e. Read this
week's meditation and collect) and then provides one of the most extensive
library and link sites in the cyber community.

Content is really what makes or breaks a web site.  There needs to be a
depth of information that keeps websurfers intrigued.

As for copyright, the general rule is that articles and images can be
copyrighted but style and design can't.  There are specific articles on
this by Jakob Nielsen (Sun Computers) in http:\\
There have been some battles on copyrights and links.  Kraft foods recently
sued a health food site which in a page entitled "101 ways to raise an
unhealthy kid" linked to the Kraft site as an example of how poor nutrition
was promoted.


"Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light..."


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