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May 03, 1998 09:07 PM
by Sophia TenBroeck

STEP OUT OF THE DARK	by Eldon Tucker
 [based upon an October 5, 1994 posting to]

Most valuable contribution.    Permit a comment about fear,  it was said

" We need to learn to face evil, and not tremble in fear and flee from
it, nor respond to it with anger, viewing the situation as good forces
fighting bad forces. All sense of fear and the threatening nature of
evil goes when we are rooted in GOOD spirituality. Should we be afraid?
Absolutely not! When we establish ourselves as firmly rooted in the
spiritual, evil has no hold over us, and runs from us. Being rooted in
the Spiritual, we manifest the Natural Order and our very nature hastens
the predestined dissolution of evil beings, their Fear and horrid Fate!"

and again toward the end ---

" We don't, though, have to forget; and we can remember the essential
unity and GOOD spirituality that pervades and guides all things.  Evil
is like a mayavic, illusory shadow cast by an imperfect light, without a
substantial nature of its own, and destined to destruction as the light
perfects itself and becomes all-pervading. That happens as we become
rooted in the incorruptible, and the corruptible about us becomes
subject to dissolution. Let's pass through this Ring-Pass-Not and
rebecome rooted in the Highest! "

While all that is stated is very true, and one has to learn to assume
this position, and live lives of a pure nature; and then evil will
indeed flee from us,  even some black magic sending will not pass
through, but very strong Black Magician may still be able get through

We have to remember that among us are to be found persons who have their
psychic doors ajar.  Through these open doors any and every type of
psychic influences can slip in and take up residence.  The good hardly
wishes to take up residence but the evil entities may well be happy to
possess individuals.  Many practices of medium ship,  trance speaking,
spiritualism, channeling, passive meditation, have in this life, opened
and left open the door for wanted and unwanted beings to enter.  Feat of
the dangerous, insidious and bad if not evil entities, do indeed
therefore find a very legitimate and valuable place in many children and
adults make-up.  This Fear is instinctual and sounds a warning bell, and
should be headed.  It is sometimes about places, or persons, or
undefined things.  Many cases of insanity and multiple personalities in
one, are the result of  such exposure.  And unfortunately our modern
medicine knows very little how to handle and cure these cases.

Another category of individuals who legitimately fear the unknown darker
realms, are those who have experiences in their previous lives, who have
left them with tendencies of passivity, and the likelihood of their
having these tendencies repeated and strengthened in this life.  They
come with the susceptibility and the weakness in that direction.  This
new life on earth offers them an opportunity of getting away from old
influences, and a chance to forge new and stronger characters.   Fear of
the general things that went wrong in former lives, is the Skandhaic
remembrance of warning they have brought over with them.  This is their
plank of salivation, if they are not dare devils, and fool hardy with
pride and self assurance where they should have none.
They must cultivate all that the above quotations state, and root
themselves in their higher and more positive nature.  But they should in
the meantime not  avoid the voice of fear, for it might well be the
voice of protection.

Parents of children who have to be cared for while providing them a
basis in fearlessness, must recognize the very serious fact that some
children have their inner nature opened to the astral senses, and there
they may be assailed with unwholesome sights and sounds.  Children are
very perceptive, and don't like certain places or persons, and our
social norms often seem to oblige parents in encouraging if not forcing
children to go to these places and mix with these people.  The child's
strong aversion, may be taken as fear and the parents love to have
children who are not afraid, and may push their children into dangerous

Sophia TenBroeck

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