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Jerry Challenges Dallas but What does Jerry Offer as anAlternative?

May 05, 1998 00:10 AM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

Hi Dallas:

>If you have read or heard that the search for TRUTH, Occultism,
>Esotericism, Secret Wisdom is a complete giving up of your active
>control over mind, body and sensibility -- does it really make
>sense ?  As I just wrote you:  WHO IS IN CONTROL ?  What is the
>real man/woman

What I meant is that you release as much of your self-conscious(?) self as
you can.  Forgive me if I don't have the theosophist's vocabulary, but I'll
try my best to make myself clear.  I think psychism is more natural than we
realize.  In fact, being the cautious and inhibitive adult is the more
unnatural state.  I believe that children have more of the ability than
adults, because they have not yet thrown on their persona to fit in with
their mayavic environment.

The following can be attributed to either psychism or brain chemistry.
When I was a child, I used to easily travel out of my body, float around
the room, and sometimes to other planets.  I felt awake when I was doing
all of this.  I heard on TV recently that brain chemistry can make you feel
like you're awake when you're actually dreaming.  When I moved to the U.S.,
became educated, and tried to fit in, I began to lose that ability.  In
fact, I developed a fear of traveling out of my body and would move the
only unparalyzed part of my body, my toe, vigorously to put me back into a
waking state.

As a child, I also had repeating visions of many heavy points that were
vibrating in front of my mind's eye.  It was not a vibration in a normal
sense, it was a vibration of a change in size, but in a way that it also
remains the same size.  The points were both infinitely large and
infinitely small.  It isn't until recently when I read about the mechanics
of the theosophical ether that this made sense to me.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that such a natural state should not be
feared.  What should be feared is all the unnatural disguises that we throw
on ourselves as we mature because we are afraid, because we pick up
personas (educated, artist, theosophist), or because we want to conform.

>If I sound like a "cautious Uncle," it because I am just that.

See, Dallas, your persona.

>Have you read through the first volume of ISIS UNVEILED ?  It can
>serve you as a good introduction to what you propose to deal
>with.  It is also a marvelous adventure story -- if you like to
>follow HPB as she travels through the realm of the invisible, the
>psychic and the spiritual. -- all over the world, and way back in
>time as in the present.

I've skipped around Isis Unveiled according to my interests.  Pretty soon,
I would realize that I've read the whole book, skipping around.

>I write this in haste and may not be answering everything.  best
>wishes,        Dal.

Thanks, Dallas.  Best wishes to you, too.  Anyway, I wouldn't worry about
me being sucked dry of psychic energy.  I'm too concerned with being sucked
dry from daily life.

Thoa :o)

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