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Re: Alarms

May 01, 1998 08:30 AM
by Brenda S Tucker

Times get pretty tough here when you have to respond to your own messages!

>>>Can anybody find the quote in the SD where the text refers to a
>>>burglar alarm?"

In Volume II, p. 427 (the fifth page of the "Additional Fragments from a
Commentary on the Verses of Stanza XII") there is a discussion in the
COMMENTARY about the doom of Atlantis. The quote reads: 'And may every
yellow face offer of his life-water to the speaking animal of a black face,
lest he awaken his master.'  It sounds like a monster creation, but in a
footnote to "speaking animal" HPB writes: "Some wonderful,
artificially-made beast, similar in some way to Frankenstein's creation,
which spoke and warned his master of every approaching danger."

I thought this section was so funny, because if HPB could hear our phone
answering machines or some of the fancy speaking burglar alarms which we
have installed in homes, she might have described them the same way.

Very amusing! I'll bet they really did have a developed Atlantean
civilization because on the same page there is mention of "flying machines"
which were used by Atlanteans. Sounds a lot like us.

>>Ken Malkin writes:

>>I hope you are saying this in the sense of 'psychic' alarm, not common
>>burglar alarms.

>No, I think she is actually describing electronic equipment. And life-water
>wouldn't necessarily have to be blood. It could be something like a remote
>control, jamming the frequency in the alarm. Obviously if they could build
>aircraft, they had to have technological expertise.
>Then the whole scenario (on the page listed previously) turns into
>something along the lines of Moses parting the Red Sea and the waters
>rushing forward again on the Egyptians who were in hot pursuit.  Anyway HPB
>mentions Exodus in comparison, doesn't she?

Additional note:

Galina (my daughter) and I are studying for her third grade class and here
are two facts you might find amusing with regard to the above.
Since dogs are our favorite alternate burglar alarm: when the aborigines
went to Australia they brought the little dingo dog with them, one of the
first mammals there without pouches. The funny thing is that this "somewhat
domesticated" dog turned wild - they call this a feral dog. When it did,
the aborigines used to capture the pups and make them into hunting dogs for
their tribe. I read that the aborigine women used to even suckle the little
pups until they were old enough. Now this struck me as offering life-water!
(not blood though) and that person certainly would be ? pure ?

Second, my daughter told me that sharks have a sixth sense that is tuned to
measuring electrical impulses. Does anyone know anything about this?


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