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Re: Jerry Challenges Dallas but What does Jerry Offer as anAlternative?

May 01, 1998 06:46 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

May 1st 1998

Dear Thoa:O

If you have read or heard that the search for TRUTH, Occultism,
Esotericism, Secret Wisdom is a complete giving up of your active
control over mind, body and sensibility -- does it really make
sense ?  As I just wrote you:  WHO IS IN CONTROL ?  What is the
real man/woman

What do you fancy these areas of knowledge and practice mean ?

Visualize yourself not as an adventurer who goes out unprepared
to surf the infinite, but as a serious researcher who is going to
investigate an unfamiliar area.  The wise traveler takes out maps
and account of other travelers so as to decide what he might
probably need.  He also takes precautions.

If I sound like a "cautious Uncle," it because I am just that.  I
have studied and read enough about those who have developed
illnesses and broken lives - emotionally, and intellectually - as
a result of unwise dabbling in areas of psychology that they do
not know much about -- I think Caution is imperative.  Ancient
Hermes -- the "God of wisdom" in Egypt said:   "Man, know
thyself."  And he did not say
"Man, Go jump in the Lake."

What makes you, or anyone, think that adventuring into the
unknown and unseen reams of the mind, and of the emotional
nature can be done with impunity by the unprepared ?  That is a
figment of fiction -- actually a trap set by those "selfish and
powerful ones" who have succeeded in getting to use the power of
fascination ( or if you please, an aspect of Hypnotism --
sometimes called "Glamour") by which they attract their victim.
Oh yes, they need food, psychic and mental food, and they seek
for the unwary or the foolishly adventurous and then suck them
quite dry, of their life essence, both psychic and mental, and
discard them.  They are like vast spiders spinning webs of
psychic glue, to which those who want sensation and excitement --
thinking that that alone is true living, flow -- such a pity.

In a recent post I recommended Bulwer-Lytton's ZANONI  -- you
must have read his LAST DAYS OF POMPEI ?  As a preliminary to
diving or plunging, try staring to swim -- and no do not you did
that when you learned.

I cannot for my life understand so many fine people throwing
themselves "to the wolves" is this fashion.

We all have inclinations, urges, moods, -- and some are "uppers,"
and some are "downers."  But we are (as Mind-Beings) our own
Ruler.  The situation around us is not the be-all and end-all of
living.  it is a "situation" which can be handled if we take the
time and develop the "tools" to handle it.

The real question is:  Where do we find the tools ?

Have you read through the first volume of ISIS UNVEILED ?  It can
serve you as a good introduction to what you propose to deal
with.  It is also a marvelous adventure story -- if you like to
follow HPB as she travels through the realm of the invisible, the
psychic and the spiritual. -- all over the world, and way back in
time as in the present.

I write this in haste and may not be answering everything.  best
wishes,        Dal.

PS  In my esteem to "release your hold of all you know"  -- is
the height of folly.

Wishful thinking, and when you have done such a thing, if it were
at all possible -- what then ?

Also try and get to read Bulwer-Lytton's A STRANGE STORY -- it
deals precisely with what you are saying.  It can open the eyes.
It deals with an all too familiar case of psychic ailment
afflicting the unready and the innocent.

> From: "Thoa Thi-Kim Tran" <>
> Date: Thursday, April 30, 1998 12:40 PM
> Subject: Re: Jerry Challenges Dallas but What does Jerry Offer as anAlternative?

>>This is a very interesting post, Jerry.  It jives with a lot of
what I was
>>thinking and intuiting about, although I'm not at your level of
study.  I
>>would be interested in reading any of your published findings.
>>Dallas, in my post about madness, Jerry helped me to clarify
what I was
>>trying to get at. (Most of the time, I intuit something that
feels true for
>>me, but I haven't found the right words for it.)

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