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Theosophical Doctrines (HPB)

May 20, 1998 11:14 AM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

>Are these points where we all agree?  Can we start addressing real issues
>that deal with " a grand philosophy to work with and use"?

On TI-L, we are trying to stick to current real life issues.  At this
moment, we are having discussions on prostitution, womenhood, sexy Asian
women (don't ask me how that came about), Iraq, and space aliens (okay, a
little bit off).  You don't have to be a member of TI to join in the
conversation.  It's good to have both theos-talk and TI to get the full
range of information.

>Are we prepared
>and willing to go that path?  I would think this would mean dealing with
>empirical knowledge outside the security of acknowledged adepts.  I would
>also think this would mean taking a real cross-cultural approach to
>interperating this knowledge and experience.

I totally agree with you in that we should be looking forward.  We should
be applying our theosophical knowledge toward practice, whether it be as
service or exploring the mysteries.

>Maybe I'm off-base here. Please correct me if I'm wrong.   I've only been
>on the list a few months and officially with the TSA a little over a year.
>Maybe the whole thrust is just an exercise in the archeology of Victorian

When I logged onto Theos-L, which at that time was active with a lot of the
current theos-talk people, I felt that all they cared about was arguing
over HPB, et al., instead of worrying about what's going on in the world,
the politics, the arts, the sciences.  In fact, there was reticence over
discussing politics.  I remember a comment that theosophists should not be
involved in politics.

>What I do believe is that we have
>established multi-dimensional connections via this list and have an
>opportunity to use the agreed upon philosophy of HPB for some real work.
>What is this real work?  Is it service?  Investigation?  Let's open for

It seems to me that the lists are more vital than a study meeting in a
Lodge.  People are more frank and open on the lists.  As far as
investigation and service, you might be better off exposing yourself to
like minds around you, whether they be theosophists or not.  Service?
There are countless ways you can be of service to people.  This can be
through volunteerism, teaching, or kindness to everyone you encounter.
Investigation?  You might be better off investigating with groups of people
who are open to new ideas.  Don't let any group stop you from doing what
you need to do.

>Libidia and Alan had some banter about doing coffee 15,000 years ago.
>(Okay, maybe I'm clueless and you two have recent history together, but..)
>I do believe that we all have had some connection before, whether is was
>coffee with Libidia or trailing after Avicenna as he fled princedom to
>princedom, we have shared history.

In 1522 A.D., I sold you 5 camels.  Did they do well for you? :o)

Thoa :o)

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