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Re: Second death

May 12, 1998 04:31 PM
by Dr A M Bain

Eldon B Tucker <> writes
>Now we're taking
>a different approach, playing free association with
>the words "second death," seeing what the words bring
>to mind, and much as we'd interpret a dream, seeing
>what we come up with from our own unconscious. That's
>fine, but it's inaccurate to say, when doing it, that
>we're taking about what the theosophical idea of the
>"second death" means. What we're doing is best described
>as free association using the words "second death",
>something quite different.

Quite different indeed, and my object in asking the question was indeed
to invite speculation of a non-theosophical as well as a theosophical
perspective.  Sometimes they may coincide, sometimes not.

The point of view expressed by Pam shows that there may be other
traditions that have this concept, albeit in a  slightly different manner,
using a different paradigm.

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 West Cornwall, UK

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