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May 12, 1998 05:48 PM
by Clare Povers

2nd Death and more

Alan & et al.

To float a few ideas, theosophical, sparked off by 2nd Death query.
ref. yours, Alan of ll May 23.36.03

I quote you "....Mybe there could be third fourth and fifth (etc.
etc.)deaths! "

my musings:-

Yep as Grasshopper minded, I realise: ...Looking on the the Light on
the Path some one (who me? YES you...) has to ' Kill out' times seven
(obviously the no. 7 )

. And it seems that perhaps one must become an apprentice to a Sourcer
and play the appropriate music

.One may be aware of a certain wry amusement --
-- very positive paradoxically
as one is told "be not appalled and terrified by the sight; keep your
eyes fixed on the small light and it will grow" . Written for the
time of incarnation when of the Warrior caste ... perhaps-
from this rumination there is the reminder that
"The soul* of man is immortal....

& "The principle which gives life dwells in us, and without us, is
undying and eternally beneficient....

*divine Soul or "starry Spirit"

So whilst this is specific reference to writings theosophic, - food
for thought.

Namaste, Clare

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