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Re: Second death

May 12, 1998 08:58 AM
by Eldon B Tucker


[replying to Clare]

>>Can it also refer to death to the self and the realization of the
>>next stage as vital to work for NOW in the earth bound state?
>>Not a joke but a very real and interesting progression.
>>Lots of printed information available.see also Christian mystic
>>Time over life experience: childhood into adolescence but
>>how many die to the desires of the teens to develop into adult
>>hood? and sustain that stage. (death as passing from one stage to
>A very interesting post.  Mybe there could be third fourth and fifth (etc.,
>etc.) deaths!

Here we're not discussing the theosophical concept of
the "second death", neither giving citations, putting
it in our own words, nor elaborating the idea with our
own speculations and extrapolations. Now we're taking
a different approach, playing free association with
the words "second death," seeing what the words bring
to mind, and much as we'd interpret a dream, seeing
what we come up with from our own unconscious. That's
fine, but it's inaccurate to say, when doing it, that
we're taking about what the theosophical idea of the
"second death" means. What we're doing is best described
as free association using the words "second death",
something quite different.

-- Eldon

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