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Re: Second death

May 12, 1998 09:13 AM
by Eldon B Tucker


[writing to Tony]

>> The mind is like a mirror, and the cleaner the
>> mind is kept, the clearer/truer it reflects.
>There is no dust, there is no mirror.
>There is nothing to reflect.

Those are the two famous sayings, which bring to
mind Chinese Buddhism and Bodhidharma.

It depends upon what *level* you look at things
which statement applies. Both are true from their
respective levels, and the fact that the second
one, referring to the formless standpoint, that
of Sunyata, is higher or closer to the source,
doesn't invalidate the reality of the other on
its own plane or field of action.

We participate in life on many levels at once,
and need, I think, to give due respect to each
level. It's important to see the emptiness *and*
keep the mirror polished too.

-- Eldon

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