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Re: Psychism Bashing, Spiritualism, etc.

May 02, 1998 11:44 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

May 2nd 1998

Dear Daniel and Mark:


I am following the back and forth discussion, which is great.
Daniel seems to grasp through his own study parallels with what I
have done and/or found:  the meaning of the panorama and of the
potential dangers (or benefits) which may be available there in
that mysterious but very close plane.  [ see SD I 251 258 on

I keep on thinking of an ocean which we have not well explored.
HPB in ISIS, S D and in many of her articles, TRANSACTIONS, etc.,
...  gives  a lot of information -- possibly that can serve as
"maps."  We have to draw up the charts for ourselves -- as every
explorer does, so that he may advance with caution.

Risk, yes, any businessman when he projects his course into a new
field or decides to introduce a new product, tries to amass
information as to the prospects and marketing, or development
needed for such a new product or service.  Costs have to be
balanced against potential returns.  A trial is usually set up,
so that an estimate of response and the costs of manufacturing,
distribution, promoting, etc... are pretty well fixed.
Parameters of success or failure, depending on the results of the
cost of such tests, are also set up, so that a loss can be cut
short quickly.  and so on -- there is a similarity in this.  But
curiously, when some approach the psycho/spiritual" realm ,they
seem to abandon all caution -- as to time to study as a preface
to investigating,

Yes, I believe that it inevitably takes time.  But, what is the
rush for ?  Do we want psychic "excitement," or so we desire to
know what is there and how to handle it ?  Why can we, with no
experience, assure ourselves (against many warnings) that
adventure there is without risks ?  Very curious I say, sounds
almost as though our common sense was being overwhelmed.

As to the "quotations" that I have available here is a partial
list.  I can send them as "hard copy" or as "affachments" over

[ Mark why fear anything ?  What is there in a quotation or a
piece of information that can hurt ?  I agree that some thing are
disturbing.  And fresh information can prove disastrous to some
theory we have constructed on partial evidence.  But is it
worthwhile being "sorry" after an event we could have avoided --
perhaps by a little reading and reflection?  ]


1.        ARTICLES

Abnormal Death and Effects on After Death States - Accidents,
Murder, Suicide
Abortion and its effects on After Death States and the Mother
Annihilation -- Is it Possible ?
Between Lives
Compensation for Unmerited Karma  What does this Mean ?
Devachan -- State of Mediation on Life's Nobility - Prelude to
Evolution -- Its Purpose
Faith Healing,  Mesmerism,   Hypnosis
Immortality:  For Whom or What ?
Meditation -- What is it ?  How to do it ?
Karma,  Is it Necessary ?
Mind:  Illusions and Realities
Nirmanakayas - Adepts -  Mahatmas - Trikasya  (the 3 bodies )
Occultism Teaches
Polarity in Manifestation and in Our Lives
Psychic Nature and Spiritual Nature
Reincarnation:  Lets Talk about it.
Reincarnation:  What is the "We" that Reincarnates ?
Sex:  What is this Question of Sex ?


Adept - Rishis - Mahatmas - Sages - Prophets - Wise Men
Adepts and  Their Work
Anthropology and Evolution == What are the Apes ?
Astral World and Astral Plane
Consciousness:  Planes and States
Devachan and Kama Loka -- Effect States after Physical Death
Dreams, Visions, etc...
Ego in Man    -- What is It  --  Where is it to be Found ?
Elementals and Elementaries  -- Astral Entities
Esotericism:  Where is it to be Found ?
Fate and Karma    -    Are we Slaves or Creators ?
Good and Evil    -    What Makes the Difference ?
Hatha Yoga    -    What Does it Lead to ? What is its Value ?
Higher Self    -    What, and Where is it ?
Hypnotism and Mesmerism Contrasted
Immortality and Eternity
Insanity    =    How is to be Defined ?  Can it be Cured ?
Intuition    -    Its source and Cultivation
Kama-Loka    (After Death State of Desires - Review and
Last Thoughts at Time of Death == Their Impact and Importance
Magic:     Black and White
Manas - the Mind    - Its Nature, Composition, Powers
Monad (Atma-Buddhi)    -     What is It ?    Does it Evolve ?
Perfection    -    Is it Possible ?
Prana-Jiva:    The Life-Principle in Man and Nature
Precipitation (of objects or letters) From the Astral Plane to
the Physical
Rays:    -    The Seven (7) RAYS in Nature and in Man
Skandhas:    "Life-atoms, Monads"     -    Their Existence and
Soul--Mind:    Are they Synonymous - Is Man a Soul ?
Substance and Matter
Swabhava (Duties of the Self and  its Present Condition)
Tantra Texts:    Their Value and Use
Yoga    -    What does "Union" Mean ?    Union with What ?


I hope this may prove of some assistance.

{These can be sent over Internet as attachments.
    Hard Copy may take some time.                            D.

> From: "Daniel H Caldwell" <>
> Date: Friday, May 01, 1998 9:19 PM
> Subject: Psychism Bashing, Spiritualism, etc.

>Psychism Bashing, Spiritualism, etc.
>Dallas wrote:
>> >In the days of HPB there was Spiritualism which largely
>> >in the "Worship of the Dear Departed."  and, also
>> >hoped to be able to "contact the Spirit" of those "Dear
>> >Departed."
>Jerry S. replied:
>> Spiritalism is not psychism.
>Daniel comments:
>Spiritualism is very much a part of psychism, they
>interwine.  Psychism (*of course, it depends on one's
>definition*) is greater than Spiritualism but they
>both usually deal with the realm of the psyche (the kama-manas
>personality).  Of course, our everyday psychological
>waking consciousness also deals primarily with
>kama-manas.  Psychism as I define it and see it has
>two aspects--positive and negative; much as physical
>reality has two opposite poles and *much in between*!!
>Dallas wrote:
>> >The same problem continues today. Without information and
>> >consideration those who "visit" the "spiritual (?) plane" of
>> >"channel" are in a great deal of danger.

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