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Re: Psychism Bashing, Spiritualism, etc.

May 02, 1998 12:14 PM
by Mark Kusek

Caldwell/Graye wrote:
> Psychism (*of course, it depends on one's
> definition*) is greater than Spiritualism but they
> both usually deal with the realm of the psyche (the kama-manas
> personality).  Of course, our everyday psychological
> waking consciousness also deals primarily with
> kama-manas.

The human psyche is a lot, lot more complex than merely 'personality'
You're right though, it does, I guess, depend on one's definition. I
have to laugh whenever I hear theosophists talk about "personality" or
"kama-manas" like they are anywhere but smack dab in the middle of it.

> The psychic/mental realm has dangers just as the physical world
> does.  The physical world can be a very dangerous place!
> Likewise the psychic/mental realm has its share of dangers.
> To think it is all goodness and light is to be
> as naive as to go to the other extreme and consider that realm

I agree. It is both at the same time and runs the full gamut of
emotional and mental capacity. But it's not really that different than
those same potencies acting in the waking world. Same joys, same
dangers. Be cautious, employ common sense, be wise and deeply honor the
full capacities able to express through the human psyche. Your best
defense is a honest and conscious character.

> One of the lessons to be learned from a careful study of
> HPB's and the Mahatmas' writings is that the psychic/mental
> realm is a place of great delusion and illusion.  What you think you
> see, etc. is not what may really be there.

The very same thing is said about the waking world.

> You may think you are
> in communication with the "Master El Morya" whereas you are
> simply in "communication" with a "thought-form" of this
> Master which has been created in your own subconscious.

Or your own consciousness, as the case may be. Again, this is no
different than the same mechanism operating in one's psyche in the
waking world. Most of what we imagine of the "Masters," either in
meditation, comtemplation, prayer, reading, or just plain thought is
exactly that and nothing more. Classical Guru-Yoga is founded on such
communion with the "Master" or "Imagio Dei" through a devotionally
charged thought/feeling form. (yes, a dreaded "kama-manasic" form).
There is a relationship between both entities carried on via the
intermediation of the thought-form. We do the same thing already with
our kids, our spouses, our parents, our friends and everyone else we
love, admire and look up to. We're just probably not aware of it.

> There are also collective thought-forms that can deceive and mislead one.
> See the Mahatma Letters for examples.  Also
> dozens of articles in HPB's writings.

Any shared social or political idea, philosophy, perpective or point of
view, etc., can and does already do the same thing.

> This is not to suggest that one should be afraid of
> psychic experiences and run in the other direction.  But one
> needs to use discrimination and evaluate ALL experiences (whether
> of the physical, psychic, mental or so-called spiritual
> realm.)


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