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What is the main problem?

May 02, 1998 02:01 PM
by Kazimir Majorinc

Dear theosophists (and enochians, etc)!

What is the main problem that should be solved? I'm searching for short
and explicite claims that are not typical neither for 'exoteric' non
'esoteric' phylosophy. Just few examples: Buddha considered suffer as such
problem. Christians do not consider explicitely this problem; it seems that
they think that it is personal salvation, although it is not clear from
what and to what. Aristotel, Socrat, Heraklit, Platon did not considered
such question at all. It may be that Marx thought that the problem is the
world is 'the empire of necessity' which should be exchanged to 'empire of
freedom'. The main claim of Upanisade is atman=brahman, but it is not clear
what problem they want to solve with it. I'm interested both in classics
and your opinion, but if you have any answer, be short and very explicit!

                Kazimir Majorinc, dipl. ing. math.
       Faculty of Natural Sciences and Math, University of Zagreb
       L A S T   A N S W E R S   T O   L A S T   Q U E S T I O N S

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